Use personal Nextcloud account for built-in email app

When installing /e/ I used my already existing personal Nextcloud account. I don’t want to have another one for /e/ so I didn’t create an /e/ account.
After the installation was complete, all the built-in apps that use Nextcloud were synced right away, except email which crashed on launch.
I assumed it was because I didn’t have any email app installed on my Nextcloud instance but after I installed the one available in the Nextcloud app store and set it up there, the email app still crashes in /e/.

What should I do?

I use Nextcloud 17.0.1 and /e/ 0.7-2019111530798 which are the latest versions at the moment.

I would prefer to remove the account from mail app and from ‘accounts’. Than I would start over with adding the account again under ‘accounts’ and than in mail app.

EDIT: Im using also my personal NextCloud but I haven’t setup the in it. On my phone I have setup under ‘accounts’ my NC account for file, calendar, contact sync and in email app I have added my account. It works perfect

but I can’t open the mail app. It crashes on launch. Isn’t there a solution in the phone settings?

Open phone setting, apps&notifications and open mail app. Under ‘Storage’ you can ‘clear storage’ and ‘clear cache’. Than you will have a ‘fresh’ email app

I did that and it still crashes on launch.
Also I noticed that when I enable Mail permissions for this app with:
Settings > Apps > Mail > Permissions > Additional Permissions:
🗹 Delete Emails
🗹 Mail remote control
🗹 Read Emails
they get deactivated automatically.

Crazy, I would try with installung e once more over the existing installation.
If you know working wirh twrp file manger, you could delete mail.apk before fresh install

If you flash e again without data wipe nothing happens to your actuall apos and data. It’s a dirty flash. But it will refresh the default apps which are located in./system

And you can do a full backup of /data with twrp which you can restore if something went wrong

Interesting. However, I may have done it wrong. Not knowing how to delete the email app from TWRP as you suggested, I uninstalled it using this method, thinking the app would come back clean after flashing /e/ but it doesn’t (which is a little weird to me)
I guess now I would really have to restart from scratch.

I don’t like this way because no way back as you have learned :weary:
I’m always using twrp and mive to apk to an other location on sd. When someting goes wrong i can move back :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Pls have a look in Settings/Apps&Notifications. Is Mail app in.the list ? If yes l, clear all Bliss data in Settings/Apps & Notifications/Bliss/Storage.

At last you can try this:

  1. Backup /system with twrp
  2. Wipe system
  3. Flash e once more
  4. Boot again

ok so I made a backup, wiped everything (data + cache + system) and re-flashed /e/.
The email app still crashes on launch.
Just to be sure, this is the Nextcloud app that should make it work, right?

That’s crazy. Is there a different e version available for your device ? I would if yes.

And yes, thats the nc email app will also.used in future by but it has nithing to do with your phone. The enail on your phone is allways setup with your e account. It will work without nextcloud

Ok I have a question: is an /e/ email address mandatory for the mail app to work ?

Good question. Never tested this but it should work without an /e/ mail ID. Will check with the dev team on this.

Thank you. I don’t have one and won’t create one, so if the mail app can still be used it would make things a bit easier, especially so I can invite other people to use /e/ with as few hassle as possible.

No, I’m always using mail app on my main phone without a account. Only on my test devices I’m using the account

Go ahead without account. no problem

Cool, thanks.
I’ll dig into this issue later now. I don’t have time for it atm.
Thank you very much for your help so far.

I’m sorry, I’m justvrunnung into the same issue on my test device. As soon as you are adding a custom cloudserver in app the mail app is crashing and no way to get it running anymore.
I will create an issue for that.’

Workaround: don’t setup any accont with edrive app. Than you can use email app without account.
For sync with your own nextcloud use DAVx5 from f-droid.

That’s the way i’m going on my nain phone

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