Version numbering and Android 10

Hi everyone and thanks for the great work. Just a quick question about version numbering: is v0.10 based on Android 10 or are the version numbers not linked? I’ve got a Google Pixel XL that would be great to have an Android 10 based version of /e/ running on it :slight_smile:


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Hi, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

The number is the /e/OS version and the letter is the Android version.

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Great, thanks! I hadn’t seen the letter part in the filename e.g, – it makes much more sense now!

As as aside, is there an approximate release date for Android 10 based versions?

v0.10 is not to be confused with Android Q or Lineage 17.1.
It is the version number of the /e/ OS . You can check this post to find out what came as a part of v0.10
The Android Q version of /e/OS code is under testing. We expect to release test builds in a month :crossed_fingers:
This is the device road map as you can see the Pixel XL marlin is on the list due for a /e/Q update



The part of OS you see on screen is just the top of a seven layers system, which depends on hardware. Each device (phone, PC, printer, oven…) needs a fully dedicated system to convert your wishes in electrical on-off (bit) and then reacts by the same seven-steps way…

That’s why some devices are supported and other not. Welcome in GNU/Linux world where you’ll probably encounter first problems with your printer and scanner, then can enjoy a light and efficient OS :wink:

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To download apps you can use F-Droid, the built-in /e/ Apps installer (all F-droid apps are in it) or Aurora Store.

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