Version upgrade Samsung S8 OTA from 0.23 to latest 1.12 (android9-11)


I’m using e-os for quite a while and am really satisfied so far. I still use version 0.23 on my Samsung Galaxy S8 which works well.
Not working on 0.23:
The Apps app (using Fdroid and Aurora store).
Uber on mobile data.
Some minor issues.
Im afraid my banking app (BCV mobile) wont work because it crashes on Samsung A5 with the latest version and I need it for Twint.
So here are my questions:
-Should I upgrade or does it risk the banking app to crash?
-Will upgrading resolve the Uber app issue (maybe a safety net problem)?

And I add another question regarding updates:
-Should I upgrade version by version (lot of work) or directly to 1.12 works?

Thank you so much for your help!

Galaxy S8

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No need to go version by version. The main work should be fixing your backup, then you should just treat as a fresh install, either or manual

Did you already check [LIST] Banking Apps on /e/OS, perhaps a good idea before you commit.

Perhaps try a search, this just for Uber, or ask in such thread perhaps.

If you want me to try some apps how the behave (as far as I am able), let me know. I have a ‘stable’ R v1.2.3 Pixel 4a and also use it in Switzerland

If you already have latest Samsung firmware installed as a base, You can install latest

Backup all your things as upgrading from “P” to “R” may require to format /data partition.

If you are uncertain, we demonstrated a novel way of checking here Slow performance / "not responding" on Samsung Galaxy S8 - #4 by aibd. In subsequent posts we see 2 devices with Vendor security patch level 1 April 2020.

Thank you for your reply. BCV app is unfortunately not part of the list. It is mark in the general app list as working, but not working on the Samsung A5.
Concerning the update: I thought of doing it with the intern cellphone update (not with easy installer) as I am traveling right now. Does it work (or shouldn’t I better wait)?

So I misunderstood your question, I guess.

Is it the case that you have one or more OTA Android version upgrades delivered to your phone ?

I am not certain, it seems sensible to check as suggested.

Yes, the android installer from parameters → updates, not the easy installer (image above). I would like to install directly 1.12.

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Go for it, no need to work incrementally.

You might consider rewording your title to include (some of) the ideas Samsung S8 OTA Android version upgrade Android 9 -11 if you want to attract user experience of the OTA, perhaps.

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Just to make sure: In this version update I will definitely loose all data or only if there is a problem (note: I have backuped essentiel data, but not everything)?

Using OTA upgrade, no data loss is expected

Yes!thank you! It worked fine (direct upgrade OTA feom.0.23 to 1.12), just took a little more time on the first startup (the e dot) and Uber app and banking app (BCV) seem to be working! I’ll test and let you know if anything else does not work. Thank you for helping me out!

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A little Feedback for this topic:
Everything is working perfectly since the upgrade (I made some minor upgrades to 1.14 in the meantime, all the little problems seem to be solved. Even battery seems to last longer! Big Thanks to the developper team!
I allready installed E-os on another phone, an S9 (with easy installer) and it was easy and all good!
Just some questions for me, which can be discussed in other topics (if you can lead me to these topics, I will post there):

  1. Automatic update with the App Lounge works, but I cannot see which applications were updated (would be nice to know).
  2. The system cameras picture quality is still not as good as the stock one (I think its the AI which is better in Gcam than in open camera). Tried to install Gcam, but it was too complicated.
  3. Advanced privacy blocks trackers from the e-os system! I do not know if my e-os is corrupted (could be possible with all the apps installed) or if its in the base E-OS Rom. Anyone knows about that?

Thanks again

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