Week 09 2024: Development and Testing Updates

The Fairphone, Gigaset, Teracube devices are brand new as we sell them. The only difference being the /e/OS flashed on them. They will continue to get stable builds.
The Murena one and two are our devices and will continue to get stable builds.

We had added stable builds for some devices which were not sold on the Murena Shop. One example is sunfish. The stable build for the sunfish has been dropped.

I have updated the initial post to clarify this.


@Manoj ; How about devices which used to be sold in the Murena shop, but which are no longer sold ? e.g. Samsung Galaxy s9 (starlte). Will the project continue to provide stable builds for such devices, for the foreseeable future ?

Yes they will receive stable builds. We sold these devices on our Murena Store and will support them for the users with stable builds and OTA OS upgrades where possible.


Update 26 Feb: FP4 /e/OS T release has been delayed due to some blocking issues. Checking on the earliest possible release date. Will update.


I don’t even dare to ask anymore… will there beT stable for FP3 at some point?

Yes. Let me explain how we send out an OS upgrade build.
Lets take the example of a device on S which we will upgrade to T OTA.
First a S build will be released which will be mandatory for the users to install.
Next only those with this S build will be able to see the T upgrade build when it is released

For FP4 we will release a v1.20 /e/OS S build :crossed_fingers: - this is the part that is delayed and awaiting confirmation as to when it can be released.
User who install this v1.20 /e/OS S build will get to see the /e/OS T build when it will show up as part of v1.21 :crossed_fingers:

I am waiting for a confirmation from the team when they can release the v1.20 /e/OS S build for the FP4


Okay, but my question was explicitly about FP3.

What about those who installed 1.19.1 T stable on their FP4? This version was available for a short time.

And it was answered with

For FP3 the latest update is that the upgrade build will be available in v1.21. This build will have 1.20 - /e/OS S and next build will have 1.21- /e/OS T


Unfortunately the FP4 install process for those who flashed the 1.19.1 T is slightly complicated.
To follow official release workflow they have to unlock their device and flash the 1.19.1 S and then follow the official builds as they come in.

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This seems to be true for both FP4 and FP3 then if I understand correctly?

So does that mean that the upgrade, being part of 1.21, will show up next month? Or is it one after the other?

For the FP3 Upgrade build will come with v1.21 but it will be visible to only users who flash v1.20


Thanks. So same thing FP4 users will have to do if I’m correct.

Yes the upgrade process is the same. First install the v1.20 build and then when the upgrade build comes it will be viisble in the updater. Upgrade builds will always follow this pattern. If you skip the previous build it will not be visible in the updater.


Just out of curiosity, to understand the update process better:

  1. Let’s assume I would stay on 1.19.1 and for whatever weird reason miss installing 1.20.
  2. 1.21 gets released.
  3. So 1.21 is available, my phone is at 1.19.1, would 1.20 still be visible/suggested as an update? Or is 1.19.1 (and other old updates) removed after subsequent versions get released?

Hello, thanks for the wonderful OS, i am really happy to use it :grinning: i have a question: i am on e-1.19-s (samsung s10-beyond1lte) and there are no more updates, because e-1.20-t is out. How can i make an upgrade to e-1.20-t without loosing my apps or data? Can i do a upgrade with TWRP (which is on my phone) copy the e-1.20-t zip file in the root directory of the phone and install it without formatting? Is there an easy way of doing it? i haven’t done any upgrades and i don’t know how to do it …thanks in advance

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Hi Manoj, based on this categorization - am I right to assume that S7 will not be part of the current 1.20-wave?

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My understanding is that there update will be an OTA with stands over the air. In the past all upgrades from one version to another just meant a complete download, which subsequently is automatically installed. You shouldn’t lose any data. However, a backup of all data is recommended (obligatory :wink: ) of course.
I am also on S and await the upgrade to T any time soon.


So if I understand, to have T version on FP4, we need to wait /e/OS 1.21 ?