Week 09 2024: Development and Testing Updates

My understanding is that there update will be an OTA with stands over the air. In the past all upgrades from one version to another just meant a complete download, which subsequently is automatically installed. You shouldn’t lose any data. However, a backup of all data is recommended (obligatory :wink: ) of course.
I am also on S and await the upgrade to T any time soon.


So if I understand, to have T version on FP4, we need to wait /e/OS 1.21 ?

It has been released.
Those who install the last version v1.17.1 q should see the R build which will upgrade the device

The R stable build is also visible now on the server as well https://images.ecloud.global/stable/herolte


I was able to download version 1.20 via the updater on my FP4, but it’s still the S version. I thought we finally get the T version and therefore Android 13? How can I download 1.20-t?
Thank you!

Great, thank you! There is no information on when 1.21 will be released, right?

/e/OS got a new version every month for a while now … https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/releases/-/releases … so 1.21 in March, possibly.

Hi Manoj,

thanks a lot, this is great news! Unfortunately it doesn’t show up on my phone (s7 on 1.17.1, stable, herolte). Pushing the refresh button and a restart of the phone didn’t help…might waiting a little bit be the solution?

Push it more than once or atleast 4 times


Thanks, I did so, didn’t help.

same here so far, I´ve been refreshing over and over again for some time now and tried again every once in a while …
It took some time until the updater found updates in the past as well - so I simply keep trying.

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The s7/s7+ builds coming as part of v1.20 should be visible soon. The rollout as mentioned is a staggered one.


Thanks for information!

Upgrade is available now - another big thanks!

@manjo: Only for stable or dev too?
Last dev is 1.17-q

So for FP4, we need to wait 1.21 to have Android T.

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…maybe this is the right place to ask this question as we are already talking about the S7 upgrade.
I need some guidance to better understand the term adoptable storage.

There´s a warning when I am about to start the upgrade saying:
“… if you have been using Adoptable Storage, upgrading will lead to data loss and SD Card corruption, including internal storage. …”

Now I have NOT installed any apps onto the SD card.
But I have told some apps to save their automatic data backup files onto the SD card.
Organic Maps maps files are also saved onto SD card.

Am I using “adoptable storage”?

(I am aware that before upgrade it is recommended to backup whatever possible…)

One way to tell is with Files app.
If the SD card is showing with a working Eject icon, then the card is portable storage, that is external, not a problem.


Thank You @aibd ! - looks like I am safe to go.

Pl note the release end date has been extended to 4 March