Week 14 : 2021 Development and Testing Updates

There was not much to update last week. Which means we are carrying forward the same set of issues this week :frowning:
That being said it did not mean that the team was resting …on the contrary there was hectic work being done by the build and dev teams on issue resolution. I will explain more in this update

Tasks we will be focusing on this week include

  • Testing of v0.16 to proceed . Issues resolved can be found here
  • Investigation on build issues on multiple devices being tracked as part of the Giltab issues raised here
    As can be expected the build team was busy with figuring out why these builds were not booting.
  • Issue faced by FP3 users of OTA Test build not installing seems to have been resolved. Some testers reported the latest test build is working OTA. Need more clarifications on this.
  • The issue with the missing FM Radio on the GS290 is being worked upon … will update on any progress
    2FA on your account
    A bit of development I missed out to mention in the last week was about how you can enable 2FA on your account. A detailed guide is available here

8 April Update We are planning to have our device maintainers have a look at some of the issues raised against their devices. That way the work load on the team will be reduced. At the least the Maintainer will be able to do the first level of debugging or even better resolve some of the issues. This will be in case of hardware related issues only…pure /e/OS issues will be handled by the developers as usual.

11 April Update As mentioned in this thread some devices did not receive v0.15 . The team is working on resolving this. That being said v0.16 is being tested . The devices will receive v0.16 directly instead of v0.15 …now the bad news …in case the team is not ready to fix the build fail issue for all device then they will be released as part of v0.17 .

Which means the devices will be upgraded from v0.13 or v0.14 to v0.17 directly.

The reason the team is struggling to resolve these issue is we do not have ROM Maintainers for most of the devices where the build failed.
The way to find out if devices have Maintainers or are tested is to search for beta in the Supported list as and when we get testers for these devices we update and remove the beta status.

Selective Update of v0.16 We may do a selective release of v0.16 …only release it to devices on which the builds are booting and no issues are reported.

This means the other devices will continue on their last working builds. The team will be working on resolving and fixing issue so that the release goes out to all. Will share the progress in these threads.

Calling Community developers
A few days back we got a request from a user who wanted to contribute to the development of the Camera related software. This got us thinking. We now plan to make it easier for users with development skills to fork and modify hardware related project. Make it more of a community effort like in other Open Source project. Hopefully such initiatives will lessen the work load on the development team and have them focus on the bug fixes or improvements.

Will update this thread during the week

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Was call waiting on Galaxy S9+ fixed? I asked this last week and my question was ignored.

While on a call if someone calls my call drops, and when 2nd call ends it turns phone back on to the first call.

Pl can you raise an issue reg this if already raised pl share the bug id. That would be the best way to get the issue added in a release.

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Call waiting ends call, when 2nd call ends, 1st call resumes. (#2943) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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Thank you very much @Manoj for the regular updates on what the team is working on. It is nice to know what’s going on :+1:


Thanks…having put in over two decades in the IT industry and a good part of it being a Project Manager and later Program Manager for multi million dollar projects it was essential there for us to send out daily updates to senior management.
In /e/ the ultimate management are the users. Which makes it important that you as a user are aware of what is happening from the team’s side.
If there is a delay… Why is it happening… Does the team have a resolution for it or is it stumbling in the dark. These are question that would crop up in every users mind.
The idea behind these weekly updates was to share a glimpse of what is happening behind the scenes and where possible clear these doubts.
Hope to add more details in these updates in the weeks to come.


Sorry, I looked for it but couldn’t find any information. Maybe my fault,

I purchased an S9 that has 8.1. I spent many years messing with Android ROMs and just don’t want to think about it anymore. Is there still work on getting an OTA functional to get it to at least Android 9? Just want the dark theme notifications haha

According to the device list, /e/Os is under Android 10 for your device + it is available with the easy installer which makes the flashing process super easy like : clic Next next next done!

At /e/, updates are OTA.

Cheers :blush:

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Hi Manoj,

Im a new user of E Os, i have installed the rom with your support document.

Problem - Mic not working while making calls, its not a hardware issue as it was fine with original rom.

i tried searching some help online and found some details to update MIC details, but in my root files there are no mic file, which make me think the scripts of commands are missing from my rom.

can you please assist.

Is the issue you are facing similar to this one
Pl can you also share details of the device, build version …we had a dialer issue on certain devices which should have been resolved now. A workaround was to install the Simple Dialer app and check if the issue was /e/OS software specific.

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If this page is correct, the easy installer will install Android 8 to the S9, not Android 10

Which would mean to get Android 10 on a S9 right now one would have to use the manual installation.

No! No! No! Your enthusiasm is in all honour. But this is not correct, because the /e/asy installer has been installing /e/ OS ‘stable’ Oreo-8 for months, but not Android 1Q ‘stable’ at all.

On 05/04/2021, I have the same eight ‘O’reo files with the/e/asy installer version v.012.2-beta as I have today with version v.012.3-beta. It is definitely /e/OS 'O’reo 'stable’.

If @ccgauvin94 is content to change his stock Android 8.1 for /e/ OS 'O’reo-8, the /e/asy installer can be an installation aid. However, if @ccgauvin94 wants to use /e/ OS ‘Q’ Android 10, then he must first install stock Android 10 and then install the dev version, because /e/ OS ‘Q’ ‘stable’ is still not available at this moment.

If an attempt is made to change OS on an S9 ‘starlte’ with Stock Android 10 using /e/asy installer v.012.e-beta, the S9 SM-G960F becomes inoperable. There are enough frustrated us/e/r since late January 2021 (release of e-0.13-q-2021 0120 97133-dev-starlte).

No Sir, im not facing issue related to dialer,… issue is with the mic when i make calls the other party cant hear me,i can hear them fine.

I have this issue since I have installed e_cheeseburger-userdebug 10QQ3A.200805.001 eng.root.20210312. 181640 dev-keys,dev-release on my Oneplus 5T.

Mic was working fine with official OS.


I’m having the same issue, for me this is by far the biggest issue with the Samsung devices sold on the /e/ store. I’ve purchased mine there specifically to avoid having to mess with ROMs and it has not been the case. Happy with the device and with /e/ otherwise though.

Apparently having an OTA update to Q is planned but there is no ETA yet. I don’t understand how the device is still on the /e/ store in that context but it is what it is.

I tried to get my device manually to Q but installation failed a few times. Decided to stop after several attempts because I didn’t want to brick my phone.

This was my experience as well - I purchased mine from /e/ directly to avoid having to deal with that, and was disappointed it was still on 8.1. I don’t need bleeding edge but 8.1 is pretty old and seriously cripples things like VPN functionality and notification control. Just was a bit of a shock going back to a version that old.

@pierrel I have a few S9+ phones running /e/ Android 8 and would like to get them to /e/ Android 10 as well. Were you following a thread on this forum somewhere when trying? Would you mind providing a link if so? I get nervous because I have had RMM prenormal issues here in the US and worry that they will return when getting into it (If I have to flash a stock ROM to get to Android 10).

@SuzieQ is there a link you can provide on the process to take a device from /e/8 to /e/10 manually? I of course am referring to these S9+ devices you are aware of.