Week 26, 2023: Development and Testing Updates

OTA update on Fairphone 3, no trouble whatsoever till now, tested gps (OSMAnd, various french commuter helpers…), Joplin, FairEmail, Kiwix, Netguard, many closed apps via Shelter incl. banking.
Thanks for the good work!

Will there be a future update to T, via ota, or will all devices have to be updated by easy installer to T, and then have future ota updates?

T will be an upgrade not a simple update.

  • Yes for devices not maintened by their vendor.
  • Probably Yes (by a special effort) for some devices that have been solded by murena.
  • hypotheticaly Yes if the developper team reach an adjonction of stock firmware to the build release.

Only a few devices are supported by the easy-installer.

Yes as usual.