Week 28, 2022: Development and Testing Updates

After updating to v1.1 Q Samsung S5 Neo magnetic cover not working as before (power on/off screen). Cleared Cache/Dalvik

Hi @Manoj, I really appreciate your weekly updates here. :slight_smile: One suggestion I want to make is that you keep the successful OS OTA upgrades in this little list (I think the Samsung S7 was in it, wasn’t it?) and drop the word “Upcoming” from the title – so people can see that there have already been OTA upgrades that have succeeded and that this is not an eternally unresolved endeavour.


:slight_smile: Have added a section completed and upcoming.


By the way, the latest 1.1 update that I got earlier today (20220708202053) on my Fairphone 3+ seems to have brought location back (at last in the pre-installed Magic Earth fork) :slight_smile: It worked again today (both in Germany and The Netherlands) while it wasn’t before on my previous walk (in Belgium).


Does the “ETA not available” for FP3 mean “for sure not before Samsung s8”? Or is there a chance for an earlier ETA?

It will be after the release of s8


Since Android 12 is around and devices will soon get it, will there be a FP3 OTA to it?

In the future for devices which got an OS OTA like Galaxy S7, is the implementation for OS OTA of future versions now easier or is the know-how only for updates to Q (Android 10)?

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The OTA to /e/OS S is definitely an option we are looking into.
There is a possibility that the s8/s8+ /e/OS OTA upgrade will be from Pie to S :crossed_fingers:
The FP3 OS OTA upgrade will be to R
The knowledge we gained from these OTA upgrades will be put to use across other devices as well. The only issue we have is of bandwidth… the porting team having the bandwidth to make these modifications.


So there will be a android version jump OTA for FP3?

Thank you for the feedback.

After Galaxy S8, or what do you mean? On which version are you now?

I am on Q stable for FP3. It used to be said that there can never be OTA version jumps for FP3. Now I understood @Manoj that there will be OTA in the future after all.

I guess that was before /e/ started the OS OTA upgrades months ago

Source? I would be surprised if anybody from the /e/OS team would have said it in such an absolute way.

Absolutely it may not have been said. But so far it has always been like this for FP3. Samsung was the exception.

Apparently Samsung was the start.

We are working on adding more devices to the S upgrade list


That’s what i want to know too. Today my GS290 is on Android 10 (Q stable). If no S Update is comming for the GS290, is the foundation working for an R update? Palnt the Foundation to support the GS5 of the company Gigaset?



Heads up: Not only that regression but worse: SMS and mobile calling / receiving ceased working. Backup to v1.0 Q brought it back.

As the device is dropped at LOS…dead phone walking ;- )