Week 35, 2023 : Development and Testing Updates

Hello @Manoj

For Gauguin, the latest stable update is 1.11.
The latest beta is 1.12. No beta available yet for 1.14.
Thanks for the follow-up.

Good point. Added a link in the initial post.


Same thing for lisa - still on 1.11

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Miatoll is also still on 1.11


These devices are also in the same situation : alioth, oneplus3, ginkgo.

As there was no answer to this: Week 34, 2023: Development and Testing Updates - #5 by Undertaker

Could you please answer whether this can or will be addressed?

Guess I will have to try building it for ginkgo. Although all my attempts failed so far.

Let me check with the development team and get back on this.

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As of now these devices have been identified as having missed v1.14 and a few previous builds
lisa , gauguin , miatoll, alioth , oneplus3 , ginkgo , apollon
The team identified an issue with the a _variant issue as coming in from lineage. We are working on resolving it and releasing these builds.

Update: Expect the resolution to come with v1.15
Team has identified 14 devices which have this issue and are missing post v1.11 was released

Mi439 Mi8917 alioth apollon gauguin haydn kane kiev lisa lmi miatoll nairo nio onclite


Not on the original list but apollon was mentioned.

Added to the above list

Fix for the issue some FP4 users are facing with the updater crash post the v1.14 update

Through the console on an adb enabled PC

To clear updater storage

adb shell pm clear org.lineageos.updater
  1. open updater
  2. tap on refresh button

After clearing the updater cache storage the service should work again


settings > apps&notifications > see all xxx apps > (enable system apps from options) > Updater > storage & cache > clear storage > OK

The issue has been reported by a few users. At the same time the testing team was not able to reproduce it. This fix was tested on a user who reported this issue.

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Hi @Manoj,

Release notes for v1.14 seem incomplete:

  • Teracube 2e - emerald has received a S (Android 12) major upgrade (IMG-e-1.14.2-s-20230825321006-stable-emerald.zip). This shall be mentioned in the OS OTA upgrades paragraph.
    Something like Teracube: 2e / emerald: R(A11) → S(A12).

  • On top of that, Gael has posted on Mastodon a significant improvement on compatibility with most Android apps, which is also not listed.

Thanks for the feedback @christophe14 …shared the same with the team

Point #1 has been updated in the release notes
Point #2 the team is running some more tests on different devices and will have this incorporated in the release notes for v1.15


Hi. The last eOS version for the ginkgo (Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T) has been 1.11. Im wondering if support has been dropped.

Cheers, Volker

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Thanks @Manoj .

As a consequence, the “OS OTA upgrades” paragraph, section “Completed” shall be updated something like:
Teracube: 2e / zirconia & emerald: R(A11) → S(A12)

As all customers are not opening and reading the Release notes link, it makes sense to have the complete information up to date in the section mentioned.

Hi community.
My device is poco f3, alioth.
I did not receive the previous releases. I’m still on 1.11 version.

Any feedback?

Read this topic :wink: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

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