Week 41, 2023: Development and Testing Updates


I was really hoping for Christmas …

What is the current status of the Murena Fairphone 5 release? Is it still on track to start shipping mid-October?

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How or where do I learn what partitions I should dump using the payload-dumper-go for my particular device? And when I get those what am I supposed to do with them? I§d very much like to understand this in general so any documentation pointers are very welcomed. I do have motorola edge 30 dubai that I’d like to try.

you should begin from reading your device’s documentation here https://doc.e.foundation/devices/dubai/install in order to understand all the flashing steps.
And about the files you are looking for, if you are a windows user, you could take a look at my answer in this thread Cant unzip recovery file to get files for flashing partitions - #13 by LilBeth
Hope it helps.

There are some bugs still open against the FP5 code, on which the developers are working on and has top priority. I have been given a v1.16 timeline by the team for the release of the FP5 code. We expect this release to happen in the second half of this month. :crossed_fingers:


Sorry if this has been discussed about the Fairphone 3, but I couldn’t find something in this forum.

There was some trouble with the original Android T/13 for the FP3 and the fingerprint sensor.
Post on the Fairphone forum: Link!
With the update the fingerprint sensor doesn’t match the needed security requirements, such as in some banking apps. So for some apps it isn’t working anymore.

Is the /e/os team aware of this problem?

Will check and get back. The FP3 /e/OS T build is still under development and testing phase. Will check with the team if this issue is also in their scope.

Update: The team mentioned that the issue has some side effects if fixed, including decreased security on the device. As an explanation, it shared a post made on an external telegram channel …attaching a partial screenshot of the rather lengthy explanation…


My oneplus 5 has received with T a function Names “charge control”. This allows you to limit the charging of the battery. As far as I know, it is a function that was introduced with LineageOS 20.
I very much welcome this feature!
My question: Will all devices get this feature?

I can use it on two Xiaomies, both running 1.15 T /e/OS.

Moto G7 Plus has it also

If fixed? This leaves the question … since official LineageOS includes the fix … will /e/OS include the fix, too, or not?

In case not … just see what Fairphone went through in their forum, and prepare accordingly :wink: .

Just saying. I don’t use the fingerprint sensor, I have no stakes in this.


I use it for my KeePass Database.

I don’t want to type 20+ digits on a smartphone each time I want to open an app :sweat_smile:

And so it begins :slight_smile: .

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Hi Skidrow
I now know why you have proposed TWRP for OP5. Care to share the TWRP version/ download link that you have succesfully used for T?
Thank you in advance.
I’ll wait for e-recovery for the other phones.

after checking your device documentation, i
think you shouldn’ t need additional partitions to flash t for op5.
So i would suggest you to download t release, unzip it, you should get e recovery.img inside.
As i did for my device before flashing t.
To be honest, i kept previously installed twrp on my device, but it is just a choice.
E recovery i got should work just fine.

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Dear Lilbeth and Skidrow
Thank you very much for your informations.

Indeed the zip already contains the e-recovery. Still there is a new folder in the T zip that doesn’t exist in previous ones. But it shouldn’t matter I guess… I’ll install tomorrow the T on my poor OP5


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I had not realised the extent and significanceof the way that this issue extends beyond T builds (or is a different issue which coincided.)

For instance a user wanting to install lemonade does see the "new type bundled recovery .zip file"

Where “Recovery and boot img” is IMG-e-1.15-s-20230916331435-dev-lemonade.zip

While a new user wanting to install renoir at Android 12 (S) does not know why the install instructions, mentioning “the contents of the eRecovery zip file” do not fit the published files.

I know you made an apology about the timing, my comment is only that I did not realise that the new packaging method appears to extend to other Android versions beyond T. (Unless I am wrong again !)

This would seem a great improvement from what I see of the extracted lemonade Android 12 (S) file :sunny:

My actual point in writing was to suggest that the method to extract images with a payload dumper, should perhaps be under a heading carrying the meaning “delayed publication of bundled recovery files” rather than the heading T builds.

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Thank you @Cooler for the image of the “Magic ingredients” – the vendor blobs which provision Android version upgrade without the need for the user to consider whether they might need to go back to manufacturer’s ROM for an S → T firmware upgrade.