Week 45, 2022: Development and Testing Updates

Yes it does. What am I missing?

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Interesting, to say the least. I can’t test it, my bootloader is unlocked.
(Locking as well as unlocking the bootloader will force a factory reset for security reasons … unless that mechanism would also be broken. Not worth to try at the moment.)

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Seedvault still reports that it is running now and then, so that part seems to have worked (FP3 on q-dev). I still don’t know how good the backups are, should I ever need them.

@leif “how good the seedvault backups are”: seedvault fan here - better than nothing (pls enable for all btw). Good to re-setup with all app apks as it saves manual steps, but app data can be missing as they opt-out. Davx / accounts not backed up in A9-A11, but wifi networks, call history etc. A12 and A13 bring device2device option, this one will be a true backup, as Apps can no longer opt out. I keep a thread on this alive in the forum, but agreed it’s a lot of reading


That is what disappoints me too.

They announced the OTA upgrade and now it’s canceled after months. Especially since Fairphone anounced their partnership with /e/ to “keep your data safe” and /e/ becoming an official ROM for the Fairphone.

Now those Fairphones are stuck on unmaintained Android versions (9) which poses several security issues …

I’ve decided to go with /e/ to avoid all the hassle which comes with custom ROMs such as manually sideloading upgrades, security implications regarding root and so on.

And now I can’t even take backups because I’m missing root.

If all this boils down to do everything which needs to be done on unofficial custom ROMs, I don’t see any differences between /e/ and iodeOS or LineageOS (LOS missing the degoogling though).

The huge benefit (convenient updates because of an official supported operating system) was taken away.


My App Lounge is not working anymore since a few months and my FP3 feels like abandonware :upside_down_face: :melting_face:

Regarding the FP3 OTA Pie to 1.0 update:

@Manoj Can you please make a statement about whether this is cancelled for good and give your reasons for it?
Is there any possibility yet to get a smooth OS upgrade without loosing everything, like announced before?

As some people here already mentioned, we have been waiting since April for an Update on our FP3 phones as you kept saying that the OTA upgrade was planned. Some Apps have since stopped working (can’t open my App Lounge anymore) or can not be installed on the old android version.


As mentioned in the initial post, the FP3 Pie to R/S OTA upgrade is not possible. The team will update the EasyInstaller to handle this process, but it will require the users to take a backup.
The development behind an OS upgrade is complicated and does not work in all cases or devices. OS versions with each upgrade change a few core components, which further complicates the process. We do try, but when have to give up in case of serious errors. The number of devices the development team has bricked during the testing process are proof of this.
It is unfortunate, and we do understand the amount of work required on the part of the users to take backups, install and then put the data back.


I’m genuinely curious about the technical aspects:

Why is it that the Galaxy S7/8/9 phones are getting the OTA Upgrades but on Fairphone (3) it’s “not possible”? Why can’t we have “P” to “Q” and thereafter “Q” to “R” upgrades?

I’m fine with in depth explanation here as I’m trying to understand the differences.

Will there be OTA upgrades for future major releases or are we forced to side load every major update on FP3?


Hi, about the Murena One, do you have any plans for upgrade to android 12 ? If it’s possible, it will be by OTA ? Thanks

There was an encryption setting change, that was causing a factory reset when moving from Pie to Q. The Q to R is already available as an OTA OS upgrade for stable devices.


Not only the Murena One, we will release builds on the latest OS versions for devices where ever possible. For devices, we sell like the One our first priority is an OTA OS upgrade, if that is not possible we send out OTA builds that have to be manually installed. For the Murena One, we will inform when we plan the 12 release.


The expected behaviour and with this a level of device security is missing, here’s how a locked bootloader should deny booting TWRP on the Fairphone 3/3+ …

Yes, it is strange. I did manage to boot TWRP on FP3 even though the fastboot mode says the device is locked. I need to dig out the instructions I was following, as I wasn’t taking notes. I made the upgrade to Q back when stable builds were not yet being published, so I ended up on the dev branch then. I honestly don’t remember the steps for that either, regarding unlocking and relocking, but I know I had to wipe data.

This is very unfortunate. That it does not work but somehow understandable.

However, it would be good that you don’t speak of backup and restore data where it is not possible (locked bootloader). If it was just taking a manual backup and then restore it, I would happily do it…

Hi @18yt8zhg, have you found the OTA upgrade for FP4? For me it was available some days ago.

Yes I’m on it but still with some bugs of notifications.

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