Week 46 2023: Development and Testing updates

Sorry Manoj for not really explaining well what I meant…
Is there ANY phone for which 1.17 T has been released? Apparently the rollout has not been started yet ?!
Probably the Release notes are not updated on first builds put on server…
I guess the builds are put in batches and not all at once… no? So do you know when the first builds are going to be made available? Team should know…

I get the fact that many people (me included) are eager to check out the new builds, but i really cannot understand this demanding impatience. Is there a reason for this?


Unfortunately, servers have a mind of their own and do not always work as we want them to. The team had hoped to get the release started last night EU time, but that did not happen. Plans are to initiate the release later today.


What’s the difference for you?

Can you detail this a bit?

I really hope, this section is not up to date, as this would mean that there is currently no testing not even devlopment for FP4 T OTA update. That would be really disappointing.

To clearify: I’m a bit afraid that after releasing a working T build for fresh install the support for S could be dropped before T is available OTA. Furthermore FP4 was updated to Android 13 recently which means that firmare updates presumbly are no longer released for Android 12 (S) for example to fix the brightness issue we are suffering for a long time.

It means as of now I do not have a clear-cut start date for the development. Will share it once I get it from the development team.

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Let me check with the developers and get back on this.

I find the style of some visitors here increasingly bad! As far as I know, eOS is essentially a free product. If I understand correctly, only a few people buy their hardware from Murena and pay the small surcharge for elaborately developed and individually installed software.

And yet I see an increasing sense of entitlement and growing impatience here! With expensive products, such as an Apple phone, the fanboys applaud, but here they are increasingly demanding services. I hope that people will at least donate to the eFoundation…


OTA upgrade =/= OTA update

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Well, I don’t like many things either in this world. Thankfully /e/ OS is one of the few great things so I want it dearly to succeed.
But just to make things clear: I have not demanded anything… I was just “putting a question” (a few actually). 1.16 T had been delayed for a week and I thought that history might repeat… things happen… I’m not accusing anyone of anything. I also have never requested any new feature or modification from the developers from respect for their hard work.
I’m not really an impatient person… it’s just that I wanted to install /e/ OS T on my XZ2 premium for ~11 months (since Lineage OS 20 appeared). I know that the /e/ OS have announced support for it much later…
And as a matter of fact I tried to help /e/ OS trough a company I work for. Unfortunately tax deductions in France are different from where I live so nothing has materialized in the end but I had not lost hope (yet). A few Euros from my side won’t have any meaningful effect.
And finally as a project manager (myself) trying to respect delivery targets it’s a bit sad seeing them pushed further. If they put ONE Rom on the server they can say the release has started… Again not a critic…just a remark.
I’ve always spoke good about and tried to spread /e/ OS as much as possible. My review on distrowatch (from 2023-03-17) was positive.
In my humble opinion the problem with releasing/patching is that there are too many phones supported and they overwhelm the team of developers from Murena, but Gael knows best what to do with his nice project.
Sorry if anyone have felt offended by my (maybe) not so well chosen words.

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Brilliant comment. Thank you

FP4 OS OTA upgrade to T development should start in the coming week. ETA for completion will be shared later.


The FP5 install guides are now published. Users should be able to access them on the Documentation site, by searching for the FP5 in the Smartphone Selector
The download links would be available later today during EU hours.


I want to inform you that on “install page” (https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP5/install), in section “Downloads for FP5”, the two links to “T dev” and “T stable” lead to a forbidden page.

Update: Meanwhile the download links are online.

Great job, just got the update on my FP5!

As the browser has updated to something v.117… But bromite wasn’t updated since a year, what did you do? Based on a new fork?

That is really great news!

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Looks like the browser app is now based on Cromite :

/e/OS Browser is an open-source fork of Cromite (Fork of bromite) which is based on Chromium licensed and distributed under The GNU General Public License v3.0. It has several additional changes to improve user experience, security, and privacy. It is shipped as the default browser on /e/OS.