Week 46 2023: Development and Testing updates

The FP5 install guides are now published. Users should be able to access them on the Documentation site, by searching for the FP5 in the Smartphone Selector
The download links would be available later today during EU hours.


I want to inform you that on “install page” (https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP5/install), in section “Downloads for FP5”, the two links to “T dev” and “T stable” lead to a forbidden page.

Update: Meanwhile the download links are online.

Great job, just got the update on my FP5!

As the browser has updated to something v.117… But bromite wasn’t updated since a year, what did you do? Based on a new fork?

That is really great news!

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Looks like the browser app is now based on Cromite :

/e/OS Browser is an open-source fork of Cromite (Fork of bromite) which is based on Chromium licensed and distributed under The GNU General Public License v3.0. It has several additional changes to improve user experience, security, and privacy. It is shipped as the default browser on /e/OS.