What Android Version is this? e-0.19-p-20211125148133-dev-kccat6.zip

Pls teached me on how to install this in sideload…I dont know how to install the sideload in my computer pls teach me in windows 7

As for the question in the topic title … “p” = Pie = Android 9.
(n = Nougat = Android 7, o = Oreo = Android 8, q = Android 10, r = Android 11)

As for installing … Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus - “kccat6”

Windows 7 is out oft support for long now…

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I only have windows 7…Is there any option that i can flashed without PC?

if abd sideload properly installed…Is it only on sideload to flash the zip or i will flashed also on TWRP?

Adb sideload from the PC need a custom recovery manager installed on the device to enable the sideload mode.

/e/ install is possible without computer but need a custom recovery manager previously installed on the device

Read the guides i share

Is this safe to my SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 SM-G901F and if in case there a problem can i flashed my stockrom on odin??..So im going first to adb sideload to my TWRP then i will flashed the zip by sideload on my pc after following the guides??

I think you have not yet understood the whole principle.
If I were you, I would first read up on the basics before getting down to the nitty-gritty.

Thank You sir I already installed it…But can I download and update it to 0.20 on the system updater.?

If the system updater offers the update, why not? It was released, apparently.
Make a backup of your important stuff beforehand in any case.

Can i also download the zip and flashed it manually to sideload.?like the way I flashed 0.19?

You also can download it into your phone, and just install it using the TWRP install feature…