What CDMA devices in USA?

I bought a Moto z2 using the device guide- a verizon phone because i have to use cdma here. I could not unlock the bootloader, and I discovered Motorola doesn’t allow some of its cdma devices to be unlocked. How can I know what will and will not work on a cdma network, and allow me to unlock and install the eOS? I think the device list should include some caveats there helping us know how to do the necessary research a little more thoroughly before purchasing a device. it might be there, but it seems easy to miss. Thank you for your input

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Hi @mmoody,

i found a cheap and efficient device on witch you can test / discover the
/e/ nougat android OS variant
and /e/ pie android OS variant :


You can test it, and if you like it…
ask / pray to for an update from the community

and the best for the end :

search results for « CDMA » on this forum…


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