What is the best phone for taking pictures using eOS?

I don’t know if it is the software or the hardware, but taking pictures with the FP3 (new camera module 48mpx is installed) looks really bad! No matter what app I use. I tested three different one (OpenCamera from eOS, OpenCamera from F-Droid and simple camera) Simple camera is better because it takes picture with the least delay. But the quality of the pictures are, to be honest, useless!
I don’t want to offend anyone but for me this is not good enough. Nowadays taking pictures is the most important feature of a phone. (I know, it’s sad to say that) but it’s the trues. We do have a little pocket cam with us for taking picture of events like Birthdays or Weddings etc, but for day to day situations specially with kids and being able to take a quick snapshot, the phone is very important.

Because I verymuch like the idea of using eOS, I would like to know what Phone hast the best camera and is able to use eOS without any restriction like the fairphone 3?

Thanks for the advices.

what’s about the default camera app (open camera). it works very good

Hei, thanks for your response.
I don’t know why my post has been taged with “app-camera” because in fact it is a question about the best phone camera, so it is a hardware question. What phone has the best camera (hardware)?

Some time ago I was told that the best ones for photos are the Pixel XL 2, LG G5, OnePlus 5 & 5T, Xiaomi Mi 6, Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S9 & S9+, Mix 2 & 2s & Poco F1.
Maybe there are some more now. Some photos made on e would be useful too.

okay thanks, so basicly there are all better than the fairphone camera :wink:

FP3 and FP3+ have decent camera hardware but it seems they aren’t exploited well with OpenCamera software provided with /e/ unfortunately.

On my FP3 with original camera module, I always add better results with software like Footej or the Pixel camera software. Both app are not open source and not exempt from trackers infortunately: check the rating on Exodus privacy if needed (Footej).

There is a thread about the Pixel camera software on the Fairphone forum : Anyone can tell me their experiences about FP3+?

Footej Camera 2 is available from /e/ App store or Aurora Store.

Thanks for the input! Did you buy Footej?
The quality of the free version is even worse in my opinion.

Is the pixel phone working with eOS? The pixel software is only downloadable from the playstore, right?

you can use Aurora from f-droid

I used Footej free version and I got the Pixel camera app from links in this thread on Fairphone 3 forum : https://forum.fairphone.com/t/pixel-camera-app-google-camera-port/53146

I don’t remember which link I used to download it, anyway it’s probably easier to take it from the Aurora Store like @NoName161 said.

Wow, I downloaded the NGcam. I’m so happy that you pointed me to this app. It’s so much better then all others apps. And I’m glad that it’s not a hardware issue.
The quality of the pictures are so good, thanks a lot!

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If you want a good camera, you would need to sacrifice your privacy or take a huge effort trying XMLs and modifying deep stuff in your phone, something an average user won’t do.
There is usually nothing better for your phone than the stock Camera it has been built by the manufacturer. I mean, for example, if you have a Samsung phone, the stock camera seems to be the best one since it was created/designed to your phone [mostly of the time] and to work as intended inside that ecosystem [ROM+Kernel+Software+Hardware] and so on. There are some exceptions though, like when the manufacturer didn’t do a good job and alternative cameras like Gcam (aka Google Camera) works and makes better photos and/or video than the actual stock camera of the phone. Why do you think a lot of Galaxy S10 Lite users prefer to use Gcam instead of the actual Samsung stock camera? Because it’s better for photos, the colours are far more accurate, the controls, the general settings, the non existence of Beauty Effects that makes people face turn like porcelain dolls even with such effect disabled and so on.
I don’t know any other “open source” app that really does a good job other than your phone stock camera (that comes preinstalled with it) or Gcam (From Google). I have tested a lot of them and noticed all them suck, some just don’t suck much, but they still suck, but quite acceptable for people who are more interested in privacy/security than taking the best photos ever. I agree it’d would be good if both were in the same ecosystem, but they are not for a good reason - privacy.
So, if you really want a good camera, you’d probably need to use:

  1. The Stock ROM
  2. Gcam or its several forks (I don’t know any ungoogled version and don’t even know if such thing is possible)
  3. Trying different XMLs (most of them meant for Gcam).
    That’s it.

That has been my experience too. My unofficial build for Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact includes the stock camera com.sonyericsson.android.camera. It seems to take better pictures (in my opinion) than /e/'s foundation.e.camera or Open Camera

I have good results with a better camera (no trackers)