What will happen /e/ phones based on LineageOS 14.1?

Hi /e/ team!

Since LineageOS stopped supporting 14.1 two months ago what is the plan for those /e/ phones to continue being supported? I can’t find an existing discussion about this, which is surprising.

I tried to find a quick reference of which devices were on which branch, and which were official, community, unofficial or custom builds and there isn’t one, as far as I can find. This kind of quick reference would be really helpful.

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Is that your answer ? :slight_smile:

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Hi @Anonyme thanks for that link and info quote. I think that this confirms that /e/ phones which use a no-longer-supported version of LineageOS will become community builds and will pretty much be the same quality as official builds, although they may not receive security updates as quickly as before.

It’s confusing that they’re called community builds but the post then says that the /e/ builds team does the builds and there is no community device maintainer; that sounds like an oxymoron!

I’m looking forward to /e/ having sufficient resource to takeover the provision of security updates for these devices which don’t have LineageOS support any more.

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