When building for v1-r the generated ROM file indicates it's version 0.23. How to build a specific version (e.g. 0.21)

hi, as stated in the title, when I attempt to build e using the v1-r branch, the generated ROM has an e version of 0.23.
how can i specifically build a different version for the v1-r branch, e.g. say 0.21?

Edit: i’m building using the non-docker approach

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In section 6. Start build we see the option

-e "BRANCH_NAME=<tag>" \

and all the <tags> are at Tags · e / os / releases · GitLab

the “v1” tells the build to go “latest”.

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I don’t see the 0.23-r tag on the releases, hence not sure why generated rom has the 0.23 version label
Also, i’ve edited the original post to reflect i’m building using ’ breakfast '/brunch / non-docker method since i’m building for an unsupported device

I am not sure I can express the technical answer correctly … if v0.23 has not been released, then no one will have generated the tag itself yet, even though that is what the build might produce today for v1. The principle will be the same whatever build method.

I found the issue

i was using the

the correct one to use is

and for reference, since i wanted to try 0.21 release vs. the current v0.22.3-r that the v1-r branch defaults to, the init command i sued was

repo init -u https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/releases.git -b refs/tags/v0.21-r