When will e/os software for Motorola Moto G200 be available?

When will e/os software for Motorola Moto G200 be available?

Most likely never! Why? Because the source code encoder LineageOS does not support this Moto G200. It can therefore be assumed that /e/ will not support the Moto G200 either.

It could look different in the future with the Moto G200 5G (xpeng). LineageOS 21.0 (Android 14) has already been available here for a month. But we are still some time away from /e/OS-U (Android 14).

Why do you write that it doesn’t even support lineageos when I have lineage os android 14 installed on my Motorola Moto G200. If e/os works on other Motoolas, it will also work on the G200.

sob., 2 mar 2024, 09:11 użytkownik Xxpsilon via /e/OS community community@e.email napisał:

The LineageOS Android distribution does not OFFICIALLY support the Moto G200.

If you have installed an UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 21.0 custom ROM, it has nothing to do with the official LineageOS Android Distribution Org…, but is open source from a private enthusiast.

/e/ Different Build Types

That’s just not how Android works, Android is highly device-dependent. That it works on any device is no indication whatsoever that it should work on any other different device, even if technically similar or from the same vendor.
Somebody has to put in real work to make it run on any given device.


sob., 2 mar 2024, 15:25 użytkownik AnotherElk via /e/OS community community@e.email napisał:

[LIST] New devices to be added to the list of supported devices on /e/OS T - Part II
Motorola moto g200 5G xpeng

[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola moto g200 / Edge S30 5G (xpeng) for /e/OS-T

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Thanks, I somehow missed it on the list :see_no_evil:. I’ll be quiet now.

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Maybe on Monday…? Let’s wait for it.

Edit : it’s released :slight_smile: