Where can i find the app info option in the bliss launcher?

Hi, every android launcher have a “app info” option when you click a long time on a app, but bliss launcher is missing this option! :open_mouth:
I know you can go to settings > apps > click on the app, but thats not what i want :frowning:

But i have another frustration thing: when i uninstall a app, then the shortcut make a blank space. :frowning: But that problem is also in the stock rom, haha!

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Have you ever tried to reset the Bliss Launcher?

> Settings > Apps > Bliss Launcher > Storage > "Clear Data" | "Clear Cache"

This operation removes unwanted “placeholders”.

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which info you are searching for ?

block internet, delete cache, etc. All the info are nice to know.

I have just tried on some apps. And the ‘Info’ opens the same site as when you using settings / apps.
So, I’m sorry, can help you with your ‘issue’ :frowning:

In the Lawnchair launcher.