Which 8" tablet for /e/OS in 2023?

Thanks Pete!

I have only experience with building eOS and LineageOS for supported devices with Docker. I tried some while ago the traditional way to build but did not succeed
Currently I try to build an unofficial LineageOS-19.1 for Samsung S20 (x1s) as outlined here:

next step would to try it with the traditional way again or preferably with docker…

thank you @petefoth
And What would you suggest between the 2?

I use the custom build on my ‘daily driver’ phone because

  1. It has all the apps I need, in particular DAVx5 for Contacts and Calendar sync, NextCloud sync client for Notes and Files sync, NextCloud Notes, Open Tasks, Aurora Store and F-Doid for adding apps, and F-Droid Privileged Extension and Aurora Services for background app updates. All of that works “out of the box”, in the same way as /e/OS - no need to install anything else, flash the ROM and off you go .
  2. I prefer K-9 Mail, QKSMS, Fennec to the default Lineage OS Mail, Messages and Browser apps

If you don’t need or want the stuff in 1, and you’re happy with the Lineage default apps, then go with the unofficial “vanilla” versions

Thank you @petefoth

I guess I do not need 1) (the only one I would use would be F-Droid, but I can manually add it…), so I could go for Lineage… but since I do not know it, is there anything I should consider to make it a good privacy friendly system?
I would anyway install a VPN that comes with some DNS filtering, I do not know if that would be enough to make the system at the same level of /e/OS

I am still wondering what is the best option:

  1. go for the suggestion from @MaxO

The plus :
I guess I like Sony devices …
Support from @petefoth :slight_smile:
The minus:
Availability of the device nowadays?

  1. Wait, as @ronnz98 said

I guess I will leave the topic to close, while having a look for a Sony tablet …
Perhaps I will take advantage of the fact that @MaxO has such a device to ask if that would help me with my request:

And to confirm the other requirements:

If that does not interest other users, I can check with @MaxO with some private messages.
Thank you

Hey @sonyxa2!
I am a big fan of the device and so happy that the ROM is still updated by @evilgod on XDA Forum and with help of @petefoth even adapted for microG and even more (with his custom plus e build).
I do not expect that to go on forever (obviously…) or even very much longer but still with the ROM as it is now that device will be very usable. At least for me…

I think it meets your requirements, but I dont use all functions myself I’d say. There is a problem with the sound of the speakers, it is not constant which can be quite annoying. But the problem is not always present and does not appear when you use headphones (be it via 3,5mm jack or Bluetooth.).

Availability is a matter of patience, I got 3 of these devices in the meantime in my family and paid between 65 and 85€ for them (all with LTE). And I am quite lucky with the battery on all of them.
Btw., there is a magnetic charging cable/interface for it, so even if the USB port gets wasted (which mine are not yet) you can charge it reliably (with QuickCharge2, which works very well for me also).
Did I mention it is waterproff and really lightweight? :smiley:

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Hi @MaxO
thank you for your reply. I should definetely go for it then :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

I am not sure if its easy to install though.
I am a lucky amateur so far, but repeatedly people on XDA report about having problems with flashing the device.
I cannot help you a lot with this, you’ll need to seek advice there in case… :wink:

Hi @MaxO,
that would recall me my process for the XA2 … Being a noob, that was not so straightforward for me … Let’s see

I am using since many years a Samsung Note 8.0. A device which would tick many of your requirements. There were efforts to get to an official build
Unfortunately the development was abandoned in the meantime. Still the device is working pretty well, unfortunately no further updates. The developer was able to get the sister device Note 10.0 official. My programming skill are not enough to finish the work, but I am happy to support / donate the development

Hi @Tiberius,

Thank you for your answer.
Do you know on which version the tablet was stuck with?
I am trying to make up my mind …
Thank you

Hi @petefoth,

Related to my question, I was wondering which one would be the best option if I want to use the tablet to surf the web (therefore I guess that, for privacy and security, it would be a good idea to have an Operating System which is quite up to date).

Thank you in advance for your suggestions

Samsung supported the device until KitKat 4.4.2, The developer was able to get the device to work on Android 9 with /e/OS and Android 13 with Lineage OS

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If you have no need of Google apps or of MicroG, then the unofficial LineageOS build from this thread has just been updated, with up-to-date patches. Without GApps, LineageOS is pretty good in terms of privacy, and better than /e/OS in terms of security, given that /e/OS 1.7 has patches only up to 5 November. But bear in mind that neither /e/OS nor LineageOS are specifically focussed on security like e.g. GrapheneOS.

If you do need MicroG, then I suggest my unofficial Lineage for microG build (which is due an update now there’s a new build of the LOS ROM on which it is built)

Hi @petefoth ,

Thank you for your answer.
I have the feeling I do not need Google apps or MicroG, or, as a first trial, I will try without :slight_smile:

The additional question would be: what it the easiest option for installation / updates?

Thank you in advance

I do all my installation using recovery: usually I use the ‘Install’ function in TWRP; occasionally I use adb sideload

However I have never actually flashed a ROM on this device. I bought one, but I have never used it :frowning:

I would follow the advice in the XDA ROM thread:

Sorry I can’t be more helpful. But I know @MaxO has flashed a ROM on this device. He’s a helpful chap and I’m sure he can advise you how to proceed.


Thank you @petefoth
I will try … and bother @MaxO :smiley: when needed

Just read a test about the Nokia T10 (8" Tablet) with good evaluation… certainly on my wish list for /e/OS

I will be happy to see any good /e/OS tablet … so if that is a good candidate, fine for me :slight_smile:

(I really hope that, one day, there will be an announcement in the Murena Store…)

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