Which twrp for my S4

Hello together,

i’ll just try to install e on my Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-l9505

On this Page i can only find this:
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (jactivelte)

Samsung Galaxy S4 C-Spire (jfltespi)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition (jgedlte)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Exynos (ja3g) (i9500)

Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm) (jflte)

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE Advanced i9506 (ks01lte)

Which one can i use? Or is it impossible to install twrp on my phone?

Thank you

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On the twrp web site, if you type « GT-I9505 », i think it will propose « jflte »
witch is the right code name for our lovely common s4 ( jfltexx is also used as code name for the custom system image builds )

Hi piero,

thanks for the answer.

Is it your privat knowledge, or can you teach me how to get this information?

In my first post i forgot the website: https://twrp.me/Devices/
So i will use jflte, thanks

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Hei, thanks for the help.

I successfully installed /e/ and the mobilephone is working properly.
I am very happy.

Greets Markusk

Witch version have you installed ?

/e/ Nougat android 7 ?
/e/ Pie android 9 ?
/e/ Q android 10 ?

i installed Nougat.

Am i wrong, or is there only nougat (e-0.15-n-20210313105896-dev-jfltexx.zip) for the S4?

Thank you.

Yes with official automatic updates.
But there are official test or unofficial buy users