Why does easyinstaller, still put Andriod 8 on S9, not Android 10?

I was wondering why easyinstaller, still puts Andriod 8 on S9, not Android 10, when e/os running 10 is available?

I want to set up another device but want to have android 10 as a minimum.

I read with e/os there is no way to upgrade to a higher version of an e/os OTA or connected to a computer, it requires a new install. Is this still the case, if so is it likely to change anytime soon, or will it likely always be the case?

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Because the Easy Installer only uses install files from the stable release channel, and currently that’s not on Android 10 (Q) yet for the S9.




Thank you for the explanation.

Please don’t get confused between Android versions and /e/ versions: it is possible to update OTA from one /e/ version to the next e.g. e-0.17-q....... to e-0.18-q...., so long as they are the same Android version (i.e. Q/Android 10/e-0.xx-q...', or Pie/Android 9/e-0.xx-p…‘, or Oreo/Android 8/`e-0.xx-o…’)

It is not possible (at the moment) to upgrade OTA from one Android version to a higher version e.g. e-0.18-o.... (an Android 8/Oreo build) to e-0.18-p.... (Android 9/Pie)


… but @Confused wasn’t confused about /e/ version update, he wanted

@Confused said

I agree there is no way to upgrade OTA to a higher Android version, but you can upgrade (or ‘update’ if you prefer) to higher /e/ version (i.e. e-0.17... to e-018...).

@Confused may not be confused about this, but their choice of words may be confusing to other readers of this thread, which is why I try to make a clear distinction between Android versions and /e/ versions

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If you are interested, I am selling an S9 with /e/ Q 17 installed - which is the Android 10 build. Look here:

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