Wifi connection and Wifi hotspot excluding each other

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I’ve got a Fairphone 3+ When I turn on the wifi-hotspot on my phone, the wifi-connection is turning off automatically and vice versa, means turning on wifi-connection automatically results in turned-off wifi-hotspot. Is it not possible to use BOTH AT THE SAME TIME / SIMULTANEOUSLY?
E.g. I want to tether the internet connection of my Fairphone to my notebook (which works very well) → I switch on the hotspot on my phone. Now, at the same time I’d like to link my phone with my notebook to use the phone’s cam as a webcam (instead of the notebook cam) via wifi (with an according app). Is that possible?

Thanks for any help!

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Apart from a specific hardware unknown from me, I don’t think it’s possible.
I couldn’t, also, use WiFi as local network while tethering with USB.

Can your webcam software use a existing WiFi network? This way you can use the tethering WiFi network for both usages.
Alternatively, buy a cheap battery-powered 4G/5G to WiFi access point.

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wireless adapters should be able do it if they support more than one band (2.4 / 5 ghz) - was introduced to Android 9 with https://source.android.com/docs/core/connect/wifi-sta-ap-concurrency

I’d like to link my phone with my notebook to use the phone’s cam as a webcam

anyway, even without STA-AP mode - if your laptop is connected to the hotspot @Warthog, you should be able to access a port on the smartphones IP acting as AP? what do you use for this, DroidCam?

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Thanks @tcecyk , I wasn’t aware of all the WiFi features, there is a lot ! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your input. I’ll have to check that, whether my webcam software - which is CAMO STUDIO (@tcecyk ) - can access to the existing WiFi network of my phone’s hotspot. Good idea of both of you, thanks!!

Hey, thanks a lot for your reply! The webcam software I use is CAMO STUDIO. My Fairphone 3+ supports 2.4 ghz (hotspot) and 5 ghz (when connecting to my router’s WLAN at home e.g.). My phone has Android 10 (resp. /e/OS 1.5-20221031…). Reading your link above ([quote=“tcecyk, post:3, topic:47454”]
Wi-Fi STA/AP concurrency
[/quote]) I’ve seen that the phone must support Dual Band Simultaneous (DBS). No idea if my phone does. Furthermore, I don’t know how to implement that feature (no access to the given path (via CX File Explorer) resp. don’t even find it…).
However, I’ll check if Camo Studio can access my phone’s cam via it’s hotspot as both you and @smu44 suggested. But for today I’ve tested and researched enough, another day thus… :smiley:

As I can understand from their documentation, it’s designed to use an existing network.

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Thanks a lot to both of you, @tcecyk and @smu44! I’ve meanwhile tested it and you’re both right: If I connect my notebook with my Fairphone’s network (hotspot/AP), I have both internet access AND phone camera access. Yeah…:tada::tada::tada: