Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro


I would love to have /e/ in my Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro. Thank you for considering my request, and your time and effort creating /e/.

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It would be very nice to have /e/ on this xiaomi device.

If you are referring to the davinci, you van grab it here.

Thanks for the info, but I refer to 9t Pro (raphael).
Beetween Davinci and Raphael there are some differences like cpu and gpu and I think davinci rom could not be installed on raphael.

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No, definitely not. Don’t try or you’ll brick your device. If I can find the right sources, I will try and build one…or maybe your device is treble supported. List of UNOFFICIAL /e/ builds (Part 2)

I’ve been lurking /e/ for some time in the hopes of someday seeing the Mi 9T Pro raphael available. Today I decided to register in order to show my interest for this device as well.

In case there is any chance that it helps, let me mention the unofficial LineageOS 18.1 for raphael. Last update from XDA TS is from March 17 2021.

An unofficial build is not ideal, but if I read that topic correctly, the only issue left is WiFi-direct not working. I know some digital cameras use WiFi-Direct for file transfers, but I’m not sure what the implications are beyond that.

@itsclarence I discovered you already made an unofficial build at androidfilehost/?w=files&flid=321230, would it be possible to compile a new version with the latest security version?

Please do it, yes !

For other on this thread, I suggest :
[Unofficial Build] Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Mi9T Pro raphael e-OS Q-build - /e/ Devices / UnOfficial Builds - /e/ community