Xiaomi Redmi 5 - Rosy

Device’s supported android versions: Nougat, Oreo, Pie, Android 10
Now running on official Oreo based MIUI 11.

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is it official supported by Lineage ? Or is it supporting treble ?

device is officially supported by LineageOS if I understood your question correctrly

I don’t know about Treble support

please ask additional questions if needed.

It’s Lineage 17 = Android 10. eOS doesn’t have any Android 10 sources in the moment. That’s the difference and why your device isn’t supported yet.

Regarding GSI l, it’s a new feature for newer devices. But to explain it will be to much. But on xda or other web sites are good explanations

Just to be clear: device [Rosy] is not new, it launched in 2017. Device also supports android 8 and 9. For instance, there is Lineage 16 ROM based on Pie for this device. Is it possible to make eOS ROM based on Oreo or Pie, same like as for many other Xiaomi devices?

Just to be clear: “Rosy” is neither officially supported by LOS 16.0 nor LOS 17.1. Nevertheless, there are numerous derivatives of unofficial LineageOS.

If you can name unique sources with manifest.xml (roomservice.xml) and find a ROM builder, then eOS ROM could be created. With a few exceptions, such ROMs remain unmaintained and age accordingly.

I think you have to separate:
Official Lineage supported devices (you can find it on lineage download page)
unofficial lineage devices (you can find it on xda or somewhere else)

Only for official supported devices is a chance to get an eOS offical rom.

For rosy there is on lineage download page only LOS17 for download. So that the only official LOS version. And that’s what I was talking about.

But as Archje has written, if you will find the sources you or someone else can build eOS for you

Thank you! Is there any chance of eOS [Official] rom for rosy in near future? and how near would it be?

The latter cannot be answered seriously at present. We don’t know. Ask again when /e/ has officially started to create /e/ OS on the base Android 10. /e/ OS “Q” is a dream of the future …

The port to 10 has started. But it will need weeks/months to get it complete implemented.
If your device will get an official eOS-q nobody can say for sure. Sorry
As much people will request a device the better is the chance to get it official

Thank you, gentlemen! :slight_smile: