Xiaomi Redmi 9a - Dandelion

Dear /e/ community, I use the Redmi 9a and I would love for it to be supported by /e/.
I can not find even any unofficial solution here. Please help me with any idea until my phone is supprted, even temporary one.

It is currently running on the Android 10 QP1A.190711.020 based MIUI 12.0.9(QCDEUXM).

I don’t want to use MIUI neither google services anymore.

Please, help me have a better OS.

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This device is hardly supported by developers, so it’s difficult to find sources to build with. But you’re device is supported by project treble, so you have the possibility to install a GSI…
There’s a lot of information about GSI within this community.

Would this be impossible to de-google a brand new redmi 9a if I don’t know what I am doing? Lol. I was hoping there would be a build for it - and it seems there is an unofficial one. If it is completely new - no data on it, is there an easy step by step? Please let me know- thank you!!

I join this conversation because I also have a Redmi 9A.
I followed your link to project treble, but Redmi 9A is not listed on their compatible devices.

Bump !

build (re)sources