Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 (Global) - spes

I’d love if /e/ would support as well the Redmi Note 11 Global which is actually with Android 11 (RKQ1.211001.001) with MIUI 13.0.12

Thanks you !

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I have also the same device codename (SPES).
Any developer to develop a custom rom for this device?
There is an unofficial rom of LinageOS 20+ for this device. hope it will help to create a rom along with /e/.

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also there are some builds:

LineageOS-Spes Jabiyeff-build Files

…and crDroid 9 (LOS-based Android 13) is still maintained: https://crdroid.net/spes/9

any update news of SPES?

We have this post from the “Unofficial” Lineage build mentioned in Post #3
by XDA@hecaex

Hey guys I have some bad news. I will discontinue working on this ROM because I moved on to the OnePlus Nord 2T. I gave this phone to my mom and therefore can’t continue to properly support this device anymore.
That means that there won’t be any new updates from my side. Anyone who would like to step in and take over development is free to use the the device tree and vendor source provided. I’m sorry for this inconvenience.

The mentioned resources are

I notice to cooperation of Github@Jabiyeff so I would guess that development could be said to be active.

If you see further “news” by more full reading of the posts / threads, please update here.

Are you in a position to try to attempt a build ? I think you could get some support from the community here if so. One method would be to copy the Lineage builds, then attempt to introduce the /e/ repos.


can we get a rom from spes? is there any plan?

Not until there is a build of Lineage OS for it, and it appears on the LOS Devices wiki page

Thank you for your work on SPES.
But unable to install this ROM following your recommendations. : bootloop with the eos logo.
Same result with TWRP
With Orangefox bootloop with MUI logo

I had to tweak a lot for getting this build done. Might be the case that I tweaked too much.
Please install the DrDroid version- I wont do another build in the near future