Xiaomi - redmi note 9 'merlinx'

Hello, how about adding Redmi Note 9?
You have Redmi Note 9s, 9Pro and 9Pro max, but not the first one Redmi Note 9!

Thx!! :slight_smile:

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 has now been given the device codename merlinx by Lineage.

A Lineage official device tree (currently with only one branch at Lineage 20, Android 13, T) is now found here

Duplicate request: Redmi Note 9 is Lineage Official 'merlinx'.

  • This device was released with a non unique codename merlin . (References to the Unofficial build for merlin on this forum are now hidden or removed.)

I also have one of these in the drawer waiting for an upgrade to e


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