0.18 has installed

And it installed smoothly. Fingers crossed for bluetooth and car audio.

Super! Keen to hear how bluetooth is

BTW, I like the new screen layout for terminating apps (on the square button). This is indeed an improvement compared with the previous stacked layout.

Three things are still not good there:

  1. You can’t guess the swipe gesture to terminate a specific app. Swiping upwards is not quite a common gesture. When I saw this new arrangement the first time I searched an “x” or something similar, found only the app icon, but this doesn’t terminate, damned.
  2. You can’t see how many apps are open. You see maximum 3 apps. This could be improved a lot by significant smaller app windows (not icons) displayed in a 3x3 grid or so.
  3. The close-all-functionality is invisible except you know you must scroll to the left most. But above and below the apps is a lot of free space - what for???

Bluetooth echo bug is fixed…

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For me this is a great improvement and very intuitive…swiping up is very ios so logical for iPad/iPhone users I guess. The side swipe allows you to see what apps are open and the clear all is much better than before.

Excellent. Thanks for the update @AndyP

This means for a minority. I never had Apple stuff, I can’t remember where I had ever to swipe up. I had Blackberry 10 devices, I’m familiar with app windows in a grid (and an “x” in a corner, which was a really sophisticated concept).

This function is exactly what it was before, isn’t it? Only tucked away now.

Yes Apple uses swipe up to dismiss an app, and isn’t Bliss kinda emulating the ios concept, so makes sense?

The all clear is no longer at the top, for me I prefer this. So it’s not exactly as it was before it is at the side…which I like.