0.18 Q Dialer font is white on white while in a call

I updated to 0.18 Q today from 0.17 Q on a Moto G7 Plus.

The only issue I’ve discovered is that the numbers on the in-call dialer are invisible (white font on white background - while in a call, open the number pad0. The corresponding letters appear fine, just the numbers are a problem.

My wife has an identical phone and identical problem. She is not pleased.

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I have same issue (same device, /e/ version etc)

I created an issue for this (to the best of my understanding)

@rainwalker Please feel free to jump in and confirm I’m not alone.



Bug #3694 is solved on last e-0.18-GSI (clean install) but persists on last official surnia (moto e 2015 lte) updated by OTA (last official TWRP).

Surnia again, no more problem during call with dark mode setting, but means dark greyed folders’ and files’ names with native file browser…


Édith: e_surnia-userdebug 10 QQ3A
200805.001 eng.root.20210828.003236

Just seen during call:

with clear mode selected from
Settings > Display & Style:

with dark mode (idem):



e-0.19-q surnia, from OTA update:

  • dark mode = clear background, dark-grey numbers, no letter seen,
  • clear mode = letters, no number seen.

e-0.19-q-GSI, clean install:

  • dark mode = green numbers, no letter,
  • clear mode OK (like first screenshot above).

Édith: clean install of e-0.19-q STOCK (format data etc., then adb sideload, from e-0.18-q-surnia OTA, config’ only Locales, no account) on my second surnia device : same results.

Clear mode:

Dark mode: