0.23 GSI imported settings = bug


Just a feedback : clean install from e-0.19, no cloud, I had to ‘create’ my main webmail account, then imported settings from local memory.

While ticking to navigate in secondary account, each tick went in an immediat shutdown (app only).

Solved in Settings > Apps > Mail


Erase cache / Erase data

and manual configuration of each account. All works fine now.

For dev’s information.

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That wasn’t GSI specific settings: from Mail (app, running on e-0.19) I exported settings and in the new Mail (0.23) I imported the .k9s file.

I had no problem with Mail accounts when upgrading from 0.22 to 0.23 (with new Mail app).
Maybe there is too much gap between 0.19 and 0.23 ?