1.5.1-s upgrade - is it legit?

Hi all!

Yesterday I upgraded my FP4 to a version that was found by updater, v1.5.1-s. Given that only a minor version was upgraded, I unfortunately didn’t investigate much before I did it… Now:

  • the top screen settings are uglyfied (big buttons, white background instead of semitransparent) and were rearranged
  • in the list of opened apps, background is also white instead of semitransparent
  • turning screen on does some weird and inconsistent animation (looks like the screen is not functioning correctly)

Worst of all, I can’t find this release in the release notes: Releases · e / os / releases · GitLab

The link in the upgrader points to a 404 page: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/releases/-/releases/v1.5-s

Is this release intented or is it something that slipped through QA? I would expect minor version upgrades to not alter UX. Also, how come that release notes are missing? Have I been hacked?

P.S.: I see that I can no longer take screenshots from the screen with the list of opened apps either (not sure which upgrade broke that).

I vaguely remember seeing v1.5-s on the releases list when I checked some while ago, but I’m not sure. However, the release tag still exists on GitLab: Commits · v1.5.1-s · e / os / releases · GitLab

The v1.5.1-s version is also still listed here for the “S dev” ROM build: /e/ image ROM download

My guess is that the release was removed from the list? Maybe you’re right about the QA. Hopefully v1.6-s becomes available soon, I’m also waiting for the OTA to show up. I’m currently running v1.5.1-s on my FP4, but I don’t see any of the issues you mentioned (I installed it directly from the ROM though.) Maybe the update broke something on you phone? :confused:

It’s intended. It brought Android 12 (S) to a bunch of devices.



Yes, definitely Android 12 :slight_smile: .

That would be what slipped through QA, it seems.


Thank you, that explains it!

In that case the changes would land sooner or later, so I might just as well get used to them… :confused:

Anyway, good to know it was an oversight and I’m not hacked. :slight_smile:

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