20 GB for system

Hello everyone. I usually use Ubuntu Touch but recently I got my hands on a FP4 and instead of installing UT I put e.OS on it.
It strikes me that the operating system space is 20 GB. We are talking about more than twice as much as UT, a system that needs part of Android to communicate with the hardware components and then has the linux kernel, in addition to the Ubuntu system itself. Is it normal that only the system occupies 20 GB?
I have read the following post but I do not understand if it is a bug in the data presented by the application or if it really occupies those 20 GB.


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actualy with eOs 1.20 R on my S7 the system + appli use 10 Go only.

with the version /e/ 0.7-201907176984 it was a bug of data presentation with this very old version.


Yep, on my phone with /e/OS 1.17-q, it is only 6go.


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