2e Emerald issues, Bluetooth, internal storage, and camera

I am fairly new to /e/ OS on this device. It has been two weeks since I bought this from Teracube and installed /e/ Stable using the following instructions:


There were a few issues after the initial install. I brought them up with Teracube directly, and they recommended I create a thread here.

I copied my media library to the Music directory on the phone’s internal storage, and some of the files did not completely copy even though the PC did not indicate that there were issues with the copy. One of the backups I created from an app on the phone also became corrupted and was a SQLite .db file. To possibly mitigate that, I did a factory reset and copied everything over again. I am still evaluating if there are files that did not copy over completely.

Despite the factory reset, the Bluetooth still has issues detecting and connecting to the MyFord Touch with SYNC 2 infotainment in my vehicle. I have varying success rates getting it to scan for, detect, connect to, and pair with the infotainment. There are also times the audio will freeze and the infotainment will stop responding. It will then play garbled audio until it reaches the time that has elapsed in the audio file and it will continue playing normally. This seems like it might be a complication of having WiFi enabled along with Bluetooth and I haven’t reproduced this with WiFi off, yet. The infotainment firmware is at the latest version. It does not have issues with my Bluetooth earbuds.

Finally, the Camera app will freeze the phone when double pressing the power button while the phone is asleep. I have also tried Libre Camera which did not freeze as long, but still froze (which I would like to recommend because it’s simpler). I was able to do a Restart from the phone’s power menu.

Everything else seems very well polished for being relatively new in the Android ROM space.

Edit: clarify Bluetooth issue.

Update: There are media files that were copied after the factory reset that are not complete and there was not an error during the copy process.

Teracube has replaced the phone. Testing of Bluetooth will occur when my data has been restored and tested.

Hi @ZeroAbility Can you please inform us whether the Bluetooth works, and whether all issues with the phone are now solved?

The issue with the camera and Bluetooth still exist even after the OTA update. Restarting the phone has more consistently allowed my phone to connect to the SYNC 2 in my vehicle. I haven’t noticed issues with the data on the phone, yet. I will have some time to listen to some of my music and will report back if there are storage issues.

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