2nd calendar from ecloud cannot synchronised on Fairphone 3+


I’m trying to synchronise my /e/os Fairphone with my ecloud calendars, but only the personal calendar displayed in the list, not the rest. Downloaded DAVx5, but dunno what to do with it, or if that helps in this matter at all. I read about similar problems in other topics, but couldn’t solve mine…anyone? thanks!

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You may have to refresh calendars list in your account manager.
Please see here : Synchro des agendas (in french, but screenshots in english).

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Thanks! It didn’t help though. what I did in the meantime is that I copied the other calendars entries in Personal calendar which is synchronised so I see them now. obviously its not the permanent solution…

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I think this is still not solved. After adding a new calendar in the web interface it is not showing on my eos device. Also not in the settings, when refreshing. It is still only showing the personal calendar.

You mean, by refreshing calendars list in DavX5?
That’s weird… Is your account @e.email or @murena.io?