5 De-Googled Android-based Operating Systems to Free Your Smartphone from Google and other Big Tech


I think this article is biased, it states /e/ has limited range of devices, But compared to the other OSs it mentions there are hundreds more devices you can load /e/ on to!

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That was an interesting article which concluded CalyxOS or GrapheneOS or CopperheadOS as recommendations. I personally see /e/ as a better OS than the rest of them.

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It’s at least good that bloggers are writing about this stuff…glad to see more of that.

I can’t imagine why he included Copperhead in his final recommendation after just implying that it may not be actively developed (or secure) anymore. (And I don’t know enough to judge if that’s true or not.)

Also, SafetyNet is from Google. Why worry about the absence of that in an article about degoogled Android? :man_shrugging:

“if you have a Google Pixel phone”…“CalyxOS or GrapheneOS or CopperheadOS. These Android ROMs have excellent features to help you keep your phone out of Google’s spying eyes”

Yeah? I hope he’s right. I’m glad those OS exist, but I myself don’t want a phone from Google.

I appreciate the author’s effort, but this article sort of reads like those “data privacy recommendations” that advise you to add a lock code to your screen and always get your apps from Google. :rofl:


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