6T PIN pad & lock screen unresponsive on new installation

So I was able to install /e/ on my T-mobile 6T using this nicely written guide. Once logged in, works great. Problem is the lock screen.

The swipe to unlock screen does not always appear after pressing the power button. If it does come up, it does not respond very well, and sometimes not at all. If I restart the phone, I’m more likely to get swipe-to-unlock response. But only on the first attempt. After locking the screen, it’s not likely to not work again.

When I am able to swipe to unlock, and if the PIN pad eventually comes up, some of the numbers are missing. They seem to be lagging on rendering because they show up after I enter the PIN. (The numbers I need just happen to be ones that appear.)

Before I do a fresh install, I’m wondering if anybody has seen this and has a fix for it.