80% of storage used but not by app, pic, or videos, but by what then?

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I have been happily using /e/OS for the last 4 years, thanks everyone for the work!

For the last 2 years, I have been struggling with storage issue: I have a 32GB memory phone
which is full at 90%. The issue is that I haven’t been able to identify what is using 80% of the storage.
This space usage is not coming from pictures, videos, apps, etc., (i.e.: basic stuff) because this I can easily track (mounting the device and looking at the usage, which is about 5.1GB for the shared device storage).
There is roughly 20GB of the storage that is used by something I don’t know.
Is there a way to free up this space and control what is there? This feels really non-transparent and having no control over it is really frustrating.
(of course I could buy more storage, re-install, etc, but that’s not the point.)


Settings → Storage → Internal lists by type (first screenshot in this article). For me it’s mostly messengers in “Other Apps” that need a lot of space because of people sending videos. As e.g. Signal is using its own app storage for those, it has yet another storage space explorer in its own settings for management. Then again, deleting videos there frees up space the easiest.

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Hey, thanks a lot for the quick answer.
When I go to “other apps”, the sum does not add up to 22GB but to 5.1GB…

the 20GB is referring to murena web storage or sdcard? if murena, then it is easiest to login to the web interface, it should show how much each folder has storage allocated. In doubt it could be the mail storage.

This is with sdcard. When showing the “internal app” usage, I realized that the update manager was consumming about 12GB. I managed to cleared that cache. So now the mystery is about more or less 5GB that are hidding somewhere…

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The app DiskUsage by Ivan Volosyuk may throw light on this. It is quite an old app and may warn you it is made for older Android version, but I always found it reliable.

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