8T question about Recovery partition

So its been years since I’ve flashed a phone. old man voice back in my day…LOL…I would flash TWRP then from TWRP flash whatever rom packages. I’m aware that partitioning and development has changed and I’m a bit confused. Most rom packages offer custom recovery image and a rom image. Going through the /e/ documentation I get the feeling they need to be used in tandem. However I’m trying to flash back to stock to downgrade…I found https://oxygenupdater.com/article/361/ this link. However, I only see the rom package, no recovery. I need to find the proper recovery.img, as well as the dtbo.img and vbmeta.img, correct?

I apologize if these are “noob” questions. I haven’t done this in awhile and there’s no set learning path. I’m also slowly realizing why people become more technophobic as they age. lol.

As in another post you say you are contemplating downgrade of Android version, you really want to find the correct type of FULL ROM which includes all the required partitions partitions including recovery. Ideally you will find a ROM which contains a “fastboot flash all” script which you can study in order to to see the position with dtbo.img and vbmeta.img in Oxygen. This type of ROM effectively puts the phone back to original Oxygen.

That’s what I figured, so I’ve been looking for the packages on and off in my free time throughout the day. Ty so much for your help with everything!!

As a former TWRP user you can use OrangeFox recovery. All the features of TWRP and then some.
Use it on my OP8T.

[RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL] OrangeFox Recovery Project [OnePlus 8 / 8t / 8 Pro / 9r] [01-Jul-2023] | XDA Forums

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