A browser that blocks ads on Youtube


I’m looking for a browser for /e/ that can block ads on Youtube, like Firefox with UBlock origin, just one without trackers.

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I can really recommend the NewPipe app. No ads, save offline, import your subscriptions from your account; it has everything!

I used the Shelter app to keep it separate from the rest of the system, but I don’t know if it’s really needed.


You can use Fennec or Mull, but as jswetzen Newpipe is the best option for Youtube in Android.

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Maybe Brave is something for you…

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You can use Libretube on fdroid. No ads, simple and clean interface.

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Brave works well. You can also enable background play in the Brave settings so you can minimize the browser and it won’t shut off YouTube. But NewPipe is probably the best option.

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What about Fennec with ublock origins?
Fennec is in f-droid, so no trackers. But addons like ublock origins are possible. fennec is basically firefox open source mobile version. But it’s actually not that fast.
For me it’s my default /e/ OS browser, because of ublock origins is available.

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AFAIK, Kiwi Browser is the only Chromium/Webkit-based browser allowing extensions.

In addition to uBlock Origin, you may like SponsorBlock :wink:


Fennec uses Mozilla telemetry and Adjust. If I wanted those trackers, I’d be using Firefox.
Mull seems to work for my needs.

Most lightweight solution: Migrate subscriptions to Piped (open source frontend to YT). Install piped as WebApp via /e/'s Bromium browser. Bonus points: Every video in Piped offers an audio only version for listening while the phone is locked. Even more bonus points: Piped has sponsor block enabled by default and has no trackers at the website. And you can access your subscribtions from multiple devices.

Once migratet, you can export subscriptions to FreeTube, NewPipe, and you can Login with your Piped accout in LibreTube. Even export ass RSS and use it in Murenas/NextClouds News app to get notifications about new videos.

Well, that way you can’t write comments, but thats mostly a waste of time. Piped is the reason I could finally delete my Google account.