A dedicated section for /e/OS on XDA

:loudspeaker: We now have a dedicated section for /e/OS on the XDA forum.
Let us use this opportunity to create quality technical posts which can add to the already rich environment on XDA.
Also expect that users who build their own custom /e/OS ROM’s would now share the builds under the XDA forum section, and showcase their expertise.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Very good news, XDA is “the place to be” for any AOSP-based ROM ! :smile_cat:
Thanks @Manoj for the very good work :clap:


Good that /e/ have an official presence on XDA

The logical place to share builds is in the device-specific ’ ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries’ thread for the device in question (e.g. here for XZ1 Compact). That is where device users will go to find ROMs for their device. In the /e/OS section, we should post a link to the device-specific ROM thread


and vise <–> and versa

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When I searched for j5y17lte the /e/ OS ROM is #6 in the list and I notice the url shows no evidence of the ROM being exclusively filed under /e/.


Looking forward to seeing your ROMs there @petefoth.

I am going to think long and hard before I start publicising my unofficial and custom build in XDA forums. I already spent more time online than I would like, much of it supporting /e/OS users in this forum and in the Telegram support channel. I am definitely not going to spend time supporting users in XDA forums as well. And publicising my builds in XDA would probably lead to more time supporting users here, which I really don’t need.


@manoj, @community, have you got some advises ?
because external links may cause problems to xda-forum rules…

About my own devices
I made this first promotion with a good feed-back,
[HUB] The official updated (or not) Galaxy S4 Mini hub | XDA Forums
but it is not really the case in this other thread :
🗃️S4 Unified Collection & Guides📚 | Page 4 | XDA Forums


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