A happy User on eOS today

Hi eFoundation Team,
i upadeted my Devices today after the Murena Keynote and i have tears in my Eyes, because i am soooooooo happy with the eOS in my Hands.
You made something, that Steve Jobs calls the “One more Thing” Feeling for me.
Many Thanks and greetings from a happy User in Germany who has now a Tablet and a Smartphone, working both so good with eOS 1.0.

Take my little opinion in our Team and all minds who worked hard for the way we can go now!

best regards

Stefan from Germany

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Hi, may I ask which devices do you use?

Gigaset GS290
SAMSUNG Tab6 lite (wifi)


I’m like you. Coming from iOS and macOS, I installed /e/OS on my Fairphone 4 2/3 weeks ago and i’m so happy with the version 1.0 :heart:


V.1 is also running smooth an reliable on my S9 (starlte). Thanks /e/ Team!


Hello @andyk0815 ,
Can you confirm me if the battery slow charge mode is working fine on your S9 with the V1.0 version ? Mine is not working. You can find the details in these following Gitlab issues:
Slow charge mde inoperative and some settings reset after reboot.


Hi Lionel, after upgrading to v.1.0 I don’t have any problems with charging (no in slow or fast charge mode). I hope you get your problems fixed soon.

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