A native password manager from murena?

I would like to know if e/os plans to have its own password manager one day.

I don’t think it’s very welcoming for beginners to have to install a third party app like NCPasswords from the store.

I currently use NC PASSWORDS by Hegocre, it works well but for security I would have preferred it to be a murena certified application.

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This exists https://murena.io/apps/passwords/#/folders

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Well… not so much out of the box…

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Same result for me, ironically…Even in the case it were working well, we would still need a third party app on the phone to access it isn’t it? At the moment there is no specific /e/OS app for it.

I mean an android app from murena.
Without having to trust another app…

Why reinvent the wheel and spend ressources when there’s trustworthy (imho) options available out there? …like e.g. KeePassDX


NC Passwords is open source and available on F-Droid. If you want you can check the code to make sure it’s not exfiltrating data.


Much like the notes app, all /e/ will likely do is fork an existing app and rebadge it. There’s nothing inherently more secure or private about doing that.

In fact, as apps from the provider require you to wait for an os update to fix issues you might end up in more situations like we have with the webview.