A new brand name for /e/OS - Murena

I think delayOS.foundation is free :wink:


Any updates as of late here @Manoj?

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Wouldn’t it be funny if the new name turned out to be “/f/”…?


Beautiful :beers:
/f/f/s/ :laughing:

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Can’t be arsed with those slashes. ///

There is not going to be a new name. It’s e already

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:loudspeaker: Today we announced the brand name

It is Murena

What it stands for :
Murena aims to free people specifically from the Big Tech and their control over our personal data.

Designs digital products and services with a more virtuous approach on personal user data, and with a positive impact.

Where it will be used:

Starting from today, “MURENA” is going to be used to call all our commercial products: smartphones with /e/OS, premium cloud plans…
You can already see the name change on our eSolutions Shop

What happens to '/e/'

We are not abandoning “/e/” totally. We will continue to call the operating system that we develop as “/e/OS”.

Read more about our new brand at:


“Murena” sounds in German like “Muräne”, this means “moray”. In Poland they say indeed “murena” for the fish. In Russia it’s the same: “муре́на”.

So from now on I have a Murena phone. I like that. <3 :slight_smile:

sorry, but in my opinion you haven’t changed anything except the names of the smartphones you sell.
so a pure advertising- and capitalization measure

I am already curious about the premium cloud plans…

Big announcement after a long time, but in the end there is really nothing behind it, if you think about it a bit longer.
Above all, it is the OS that should go viral around the world. Not the smartphones that you can buy in the store.
In the end, these are only a handful of devices compared to the many others that are supported. No one will ever talk about Murena. It will always stay with /e/ or /e/OS in the big mass and in the community.
In the end, for me, a pure air number. Much wind about nothing…

BUT, I also like to be taught better. Let’s just wait a year and see what comes, or not… :wink:


Same thing in French, kind of fish (and not the most beautiful fish haha)

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Can you post the new logo?



So, they did what they announced they would be doing? How dare they :slight_smile:

It would seem that they see that differently.

Indeed, let’s just do that.

As for the name … so far we have comic books, fish, and a car …


Well, I first thought the same, but after a second thought I realized that it is the same for Apple devices for instance : everybody names it an “iPhone”, not an “iOS Phone”…

Let’s wait and see, wishing the best to Murena :slight_smile:

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But IOS is just available for only one Device… :wink:

This means that there going to be 2 names?
Abrand name “murena” (name combined for all products and services which will be used for marketing purposes) and a separate name for the OS (/e/OS or “the new name”).

In my opinion it’s a good move because it indicates that efoundation would not only be selling smart phones but some other products as well. For example, in future they might be selling cars but it would be odd to call “/e/OS car” but a “murena car” would be promising.

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If somebody would ask me, i would give the answer:
I have a fairphone with eOS, but not a Murena phone…

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That would be my answer too for the time being. But if they come up with their own hardware, would you still mention fairphone?

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Own hardware, thats different.

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If it was their own hardware it should be named as they wish.

The downside that jumped out at me was the eshop advertising a Murena Galaxy. As a potential buyer I would then have to find out in what way it was not a Samsung. The benefit of a Samsung is the attractive hardware and build quality. I do not discount that Samsung made contributions to Linux. They have agreements forcing them to adopt bad paths in software but the “rebranding” might well be quite negative to them.

Samsung Galaxy from Murena - no issues.

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