A new brand name for /e/OS - Murena

This post is to answer the questions regarding a new ‘name’ for /e/

  • We will be releasing a new brand name this year. The plan was to release it in June as mentioned in the roadmap.

  • The name has already been decided so please no more suggestions :slight_smile:

  • We should be able to share an announcement of the new brand name in a months time

  • The name /e/ will continue in the source code projects

Please wait for the formal announcement on the new brand name for the project

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Hopefully not /~/ or worse
;- )


Also user friendly and accurate reconditionned documentation ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :yum:

As long as the name isn’t “eoogle” or “eooele”… or doesn’t contain escape characters that make it a pain to find in search engines… :roll_eyes:

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Users can always write these guides and we will be more than happy to link them or add them to the documentation site.


Whitespace :wink: ?


/ / (not a space, it’s a tabulator)


Ouch, that joke popped into my head too. :thinking:

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Thank you all for your hard brainstorming! The winner is tilD or tilT or in short ~
;- )

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Very glad to hear that this will finally happen. The current name kept making spreading the message a challenge.


I’m a new /e/ user…and actually don’t mind the current name at all. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m just glad it exists and that I have my favorite device mostly free of surveillance capitalism now.


Yes, but try to explain another smartphone user what you use and why and all that. A woman. – “What? How is this called? Eeeh? Slash - eeee - slash? What should that be?”

And try to use a search engine like DuckDuckGo to search for /e/ – which rank has the first real result for /e/?

True, it is difficult to find as “/e.” I always have to search for “/e/os” or “e foundation.”

Hopefully they’ll stick with whatever the new name will be, because multiple changes of a company’s name can lead to obscurity.

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I count two words which are totally unnecessary to make the (fair) point :wink: .


When the day came when I had to explain /e/ to my girl I let Inga do the job talking about /e/ (in German). Was a good idea.

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I fully support what /e/ is doing but the /e/ name has made it difficult for me to share and introduce the concept to other people. I am delighted there will be a new name for /e/, but also sad that it was necessary to change the name in the first place.

Also, the “.foundation” domain is very unusual for people, it is not a common domain, and therefore people feel uncomfortable/hesitant about it. Then there is ecloud.global, totally different from “.foundation”, and equally uncommon for people.

People are simple creatures. People like their “.coms”.

People are also INCREDIBLY lazy, everything needs to be easy or else they won’t bother, even if it means their data, and that of their children and family, is being saved, analyzed, and used to manipulate them and society. It is sad but the truth.

/e/ MUST become really really really easy to adopt or else it won’t get further than a core group of tech-enthusiasts that have the self-respect, time, and, energy, not to tolerate google and their ilk.

My personal opinion (granted I have zero experience launching a mobile OS) is that /e/ would find greater adoption if it focused on performing 100% flawlessly on 2 or 3 mobile devices rather than trying to be usable on over 140 devices.

At the moment the forum is full of bugs/troubles people are finding on different phones, and even some people giving up. If /e/ worked perfectly on just a few devices it would be really easy for non-techie-people (i.e. the mass market) to switch over.

If I could hand a friend a phone and say “hey, this will be exactly like your old phone, but you wont be tracked” they would be interested. If I said, “hey, this will be exactly like your old phone, but you wont be tracked, but you will also have to work out a bunch of technical stuff every week” there is zero chance they would be interested.


I think phones sold by /e/ with preinstalled /e/ OS are meant for those people. Especially Fairphone seems to be one of those.

We who use other brand phones or are installing OS ourself are kind of beta testers, but that’s ok. Just hopefully at some point each of us is able to give valuable feedback via gitlab which in best case improve /e/ for all (still on my todo list too, but have tried at least). I also think part reason /e/ is so popular is cause wide selection of devices it’s available for.

But for the name, really looking forward what it will be and is there something else that will be announced too.


Maybe a few more… 10-15 if possibly given all the countries they are working in. Totally agree with you and see your POV though. Great perspective.

Nail on head. Well said Mike.

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As for me, I greatly appreciate the fact that /e/ can be easily installed on a wide variety of devices, even if some builds are unofficial. This allowed me, someone who has never installed a custom ROM before, to keep my favorite phone, but convert it to a more privacy-friendly device.