A newbie who wants to build /e/ Pie, possible?

it isn t if it is not defined in the directories or by include_proprietary

I removed the OTA line and the local_manifests folder to clear any doubt. I will simply retry and see. Thanks.

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For the record, it should work :slight_smile: : https://del.dog/a5y17lte_success1


if it still doesnt work i m happy to share the build i made for j5nlte … though i couldn t test it…

Little update. After the first failure with Linux Mint for a5y17lte, I tried 2 more times. Both have passed the failure point of try 1 but in both cases Linux Mint has just kind of restart, and a few minutes after this crash, the builds failed.

So I moved from Mint to Debian without installing any Desktop Environment (so just a terminal), and everything was normal, but when I enter the final command/script to launch the build process… nothing. The process doesn’t start. No line is displayed.

So I installed Debian with LXQt (the lightweighter desktop environment available with Debian), and the build process is currently running. It’s the best thing I installed for now, if there is a freeze, it last no more than 3 seconds.

But I can’t explain why with Ubuntu I was at 99% in 13h and with Debian LXQt I’m at 78% in 13h. In both case it was/is the first build.

Thank you, but I prefer do it myself since it’s also to learn and I’m not in a hurry, Oreo is not bad :slight_smile: And I want to be able to produce updates without asking you every month.

So I’m waiting for the result of the currently running build. I’m at 78% for an hour (but it’s not stuck), which means I’m now at 14h, it’s so slow…

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OK, but I don’t prefer this distro hopping. Better decide for one distro and create a working environment with it. All your issues are coming from missing dependencies which you will never find when you always trying with different distro.
I only can say: I have installed
and start building for ‘bacon’ without any issue (OK it fails after 99% with know issue)

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Since Debian LXQt runs very smoothly (unlike others) and the build process starts correctly (I’m at 79%), I will probably stay on this one.


My successful build was on :

root@ubuntu:/# cat /etc/lsb-release

Set up using [HOWTO] An unofficial / e / ROM built with Docker – in pictures


It failed at 89% but this time the log was clear : not enough RAM. So I added 768 MB of RAM, from 3328 MB to 4096 MB.

I have run the build process again, and now it has failed at 96% because not enough disk space. I’m gonna increase the disk space of 20 GB.

The good news is that those issues are quite simple to solve. I hope the next build will be the good one, answer in 4h.


Yes, that’s the fun of building :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I have the exact opposite : gave Jack 20GB, never seen above 3.5GB …
Maybe RAM is needed after building ?

I agree with @harvey186, that’s where the fun is :wink:

Hope you will reach 101% this time ! :crossed_fingers:


You may have some sources overhead, my building filesystem has 91GB free out of 250GB (with 2 zips inside) …

I just closed the terminal by mistake at 94%, is it also part of the fun of building ?
PS : I hate this world

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It’s no problem. Kill docker and start again. Build directory and ccache should be available and new build will be much faster

:see_no_evil: Well the odds the build will finish is rising :wink:


Oh the process is still running in background, the log file tells I’m now at 96 % !
PS : I love this world

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Yes, docker is running til you kill it. That’s what I hate on docker. I want stop it with CTRL+C as everything in terminal.

Oh my God… I increased the size of the hard drive but I didn’t change the primary partition’s size. I’m now at 0 byte available… That’s a stupid thing.

Next chapter in one or two or three days, I think I have to reinstall everything (with the good size). Before that I will continue to search how to resize the primary partition without reinstallation, in case I can.

Are you using the home/user folders for the build. That should give you a lot of space.
I use 16 GB of RAM and a 1 TB HDD with almost 70% empty space to build.
A build will need at least 200+ GB space
It still used to take 3 -4 hours to complete a build.

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No I’m using /srv/e as the documentation says.

I will create a new VM with 250 GiB of storage (and 4 GiB of RAM). I can hardly do more.

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