A question regarding Samsung tablets before working with /e/

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I found a very old but still well intact Samsung tablet at work and wanted to add my Google account. However, I always get the error message that my username and password would not match - but they definitely do.
Now I think that this tablet with the equally ancient Android version 3.2. is no longer supported and there is no way to set up a Google account for it.
So I want to try custom roms and before I experiment with /e/ I wanted to ask you if /e/ is compatible with Samsung tablets at all.

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What Samsung tablet do you have?

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A very general Yes to your question, Samsung tablets have had a very good track record with custom ROMs – if someone built a ROM for the device. That is to say, Samsung put out so many devices, it really comes down to the exact model.
In you case the device seems very old and therefore much older than /e!
If you can find an old LineageOS ROM for it, I’d say go for it, get it to run on your tablet, as a learning project! You will then be able to apply the things you learned to a newer device, as it is pretty much the same procedure regardless how old the device is – that is the good thing about Samsung.
I’m writing this on an old Samsung T810, running /e , built by @ronnz98 who you can find here on the forum. He has done a ton of builds for Samsung devices.

You see, you already got his attention, while I was still writing :+1:

Thanks a lot…
The samsung tablet number is GT-P7501, i think it’s a tab 5 or 6

Hmmm … I find device tree for GT-P7500 aka P4 https://github.com/cyanogenmod/android_device_samsung_p4 and also https://cyanogenmodroms.com/p4/#start-info

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 N, GT-P7501, exists, you might want to do a bit of further research; this thread suggests it is same but newer https://xdaforums.com/t/can-i-use-a-galaxy-tab-10-1-rom-for-the-galaxy-tab-10-1n.1458701/

There is no /e/OS version for this tablet and most likely never will be one and the LineageOS versions are very outdated (2016). The latest version I could found on XDA forum is Android 7, but ROM files are not available any more…and developer seems not to be active any more since years.

Okay, thanks. Maybe i’ll try to root it some day and the we’ll see…

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