A Smartphone with Thermocamera


I am a proud user of eOS for few years now and i can’t say a bad thing about it.
However my phone is unfortunately getting old now (5+ years) and i might need to change it soon.
I was thinking if i am going to get a new one, might as well get a more useful one.
I use a thermal camera at work frequently and was wondering if you guys know a good smartphone with a thermal camera that supports eOS (i know it is much to ask, but it never hurts)

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I figure you’d have to go through various lists of phones and cross reference with the list of supported and discontinued devices at the LineageOS site.

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In case there’s nothing, I wonder if any of the addons are usable on custom ROMs…

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Why do you need to change it? Has it stopped working? Has it slowed down so it is no longer useable?

I use a device of a similar age (Xperia XZ1 Compact - released 2017) and it works fine.It continues to receive security fixes and functional updates from AOSP and LIneageOS. No need to change for sake of change (in my opinion :wink: )


Hey, you are right I don’t “need to”, in fact i like.my pjone ao much i have cold sweats at night thinking that one day i will have to replace it :). However, it is getting a bit uncomfortable to use. It’s reception is not great anymore, battery barely lasts a day and… well thats it really. Unfortunately 80% of my job is over the phone so a charger is a constant accessoriy in my bag, still though im just scouting the market, i hope i last couple of.more years with it

Replacement batteries can be found and fitted for most devices

already looked into it, I’ll order over when i reach a certain efficiency %(I’m monitoring that too😅)