A tile for color correction

I.e. color correction can be set up with grayscale which allegedly will help reduce screentime[1]. Hence requeting a tile to turn color correction (and thus grayscale) on and off.

[1] https://www.nytimes.com/2024/01/06/technology/smartphone-addiction-flip-phone.html

As long as this isn’t there, you could use Settings - Accessibility - Text and display - Colour correction - Colour correction shortcut.

There are already two shortcuts for toggling colour correction… might one work for you?

Pulldown system menu: Find the CC button/tile thingy and arrange so that it is in the first 4 options (or the first 8 if you don’t need as frequently).

  • Drag down the menu from top (all the way, so drag down a 2nd time)
  • press the pencil ‘edit’ button
  • find ‘Colour Correction’ and move it up to the top with a press&hold then drag.
  • click the back arrow then close the drop down.
  • Toggle CC with a quick, pull down and click.

Other option, Add the CC toggle shortcut. (Which @AnotherElk suggested)

  • Find CC in settings (or simply long press on the pull down button described above)
  • scroll down to the last option
  • select ‘CC Shortcut’

Hope that helps!